Platform Helping DSOs Optimize Capacity Utilization

BluFalcon is our platform that helps DSOs optimize capacity utilization. Using Machine Learning, BluFalcon applies enhanced audience targeting and messaging to deliver new patients, seamlessly and more profitably, precisely when they're needed.

How It Works


Enhanced Audience Selection

BluFalcon analyzes the demographics, psychographics, and proximity of each practice's current patients and pinpoints their best look-alike prospects.

Enhanced Audience Selection

Serve Optimized Digital Ads with Practice Branding

BluFalcon serves prospects with pre-approved digital ads featuring practice-designated offers and branding, and optimizes their distribution to achieve new appointment targets.

Sample Emails

Sample Social Media Ads

Sample Display Ads

Monitor Campaign Performance with Dashboards

Monitor key performance indicators through a simple dashboard.

15 Participating Practices
1,200 New Patients
Current Year ROI $6.25
Lifetime ROI $43.07
Cost Per New Patient Appointment $65.00
2021 ADSO Summit

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