SIC Codes: opqr

SIC Code Industry
24999911*Oars and paddles, wood
01190203*Oat farm
20410109*Oat flour
20439909*Oatmeal: prepared as cereal breakfast food
20439910*Oats, rolled: prepared as cereal breakfast food
39310305*Oboes and english horns
79991507*Observation tower operation
80119902*Occupational and industrial specialist, physician/surgeon
80499909*Occupational therapist
14790101*Ocher mining
83220401*Offender rehabilitation agency
83220402*Offender self-help agency
50210100*Office and public building furniture
502101*Office and public building furniture
254202*Office and store showcases and display fixtures
25420200*Office and store showcases and display fixtures
25220200*Office bookcases, wallcases and partitions, except wood
252202*Office bookcases, wallcases and partitions, except wood
252203*Office cabinets and filing drawers, except wood
25220300*Office cabinets and filing drawers, except wood
25220100*Office chairs, benches, and stools, except wood
252201*Office chairs, benches, and stools, except wood
73730202*Office computer automation systems integration
252204*Office desks and tables, except wood
25220400*Office desks and tables, except wood
5044*Office Equipment
504400*Office equipment
50440000*Office equipment
76992002*Office equipment and accessory customizing
50449900*Office equipment, nec
504499*Office equipment, nec
73899933*Office facilities and secretarial service rental
51120500*Office filing supplies
511205*Office filing supplies
25410104*Office fixtures, wood
59439902*Office forms and supplies
57129904*Office furniture
59320500*Office furniture and store fixtures, secondhand
593205*Office furniture and store fixtures, secondhand
17990607*Office furniture installation
76410203*Office furniture repair and maintenance
25220000*Office furniture, except wood
2522*Office Furniture, Except Wood
252200*Office furniture, except wood
50210106*Office furniture, nec
59320501*Office furniture, secondhand
73639907*Office help supply service
73590505*Office machine rental, except computers
35790000*Office machines, nec
3579*Office Machines, Nec
357900*Office machines, nec
357999*Office machines, nec, nec
35799900*Office machines, nec, nec
87410103*Office management
51129907*Office supplies, nec
80410000*Offices and clinics of chiropractors
8041*Offices and Clinics of Chiropractors
804100*Offices and clinics of chiropractors
8021*Offices and Clinics of Dentists
802100*Offices and clinics of dentists
80210000*Offices and clinics of dentists
80219900*Offices and clinics of dentists, nec
802199*Offices and clinics of dentists, nec
8011*Offices and Clinics of Medical Doctors
801100*Offices and clinics of medical doctors
80110000*Offices and clinics of medical doctors
80119900*Offices and clinics of medical doctors, nec
801199*Offices and clinics of medical doctors, nec
8042*Offices and Clinics of Optometrists
804200*Offices and clinics of optometrists
80420000*Offices and clinics of optometrists
80429900*Offices and clinics of optometrists, nec
804299*Offices and clinics of optometrists, nec
8031*Offices and Clinics of Osteopathic Physicians
803100*Offices and clinics of osteopathic physicians
80310000*Offices and clinics of osteopathic physicians
80430000*Offices and clinics of podiatrists
8043*Offices and Clinics of Podiatrists
804300*Offices and clinics of podiatrists
8049*Offices of Health Practitioner
804900*Offices of health practitioner
80490000*Offices of health practitioner
80499900*Offices of health practitioners, nec
804999*Offices of health practitioners, nec
37990300*Off-road automobiles, except recreational vehicles
379903*Off-road automobiles, except recreational vehicles
275201*Offset and photolithographic printing
27520100*Offset and photolithographic printing
26210405*Offset paper
27520101*Offset printing
37310203*Offshore supply boats, building and repairing
79991306*Off-track betting
28999950*Oil absorption equipment
51690702*Oil additives
35330100*Oil and gas drilling rigs and equipment
353301*Oil and gas drilling rigs and equipment
1382*Oil and Gas Exploration Services
138200*Oil and gas exploration services
13820000*Oil and gas exploration services
13829900*Oil and gas exploration services, nec
138299*Oil and gas exploration services, nec
13*Oil and Gas Extraction
35330000*Oil and gas field machinery
3533*Oil and Gas Field Machinery
353300*Oil and gas field machinery
30619904*Oil and gas field machinery rubber goods (mechanical)
353399*Oil and gas field machinery, nec
35339900*Oil and gas field machinery, nec
1389*Oil and Gas Field Services, Nec
138900*Oil and gas field services, nec
13890000*Oil and gas field services, nec
13899900*Oil and gas field services, nec, nec
138999*Oil and gas field services, nec, nec
62110303*Oil and gas lease brokers
162301*Oil and gas line and compressor station construction
16230100*Oil and gas line and compressor station construction
16230103*Oil and gas pipeline construction
13890106*Oil and gas wells: building, repairing and dismantling
42260101*Oil and gasoline storage caverns for hire
51990800*Oil and greases (animal or vegetable)
519908*Oil and greases (animal or vegetable)
76990302*Oil burner repair service
50740209*Oil burners
34330106*Oil burners, domestic or industrial
34119903*Oil cans, metal
13899911*Oil consultants
35999911*Oil cups, metal
735301*Oil equipment rental services
73530100*Oil equipment rental services
50829906*Oil field equipment
73530101*Oil field equipment, rental or leasing
35339903*Oil field machinery and equipment
13899912*Oil field services, nec
35999912*Oil filters, internal combustion engine, except auto
011903*Oil grains
01190300*Oil grains
67929901*Oil leases, buying and selling on own account
51590502*Oil nuts, kernels, seeds
38290109*Oil pressure gauges, motor vehicle
37140119*Oil pump, motor vehicle
35869903*Oil pumps, measuring or dispensing
16290503*Oil refinery construction
50840404*Oil refining machinery, equipment, and supplies
62110304*Oil royalties dealers
67920000*Oil royalty traders
6792*Oil Royalty Traders
679200*Oil royalty traders
679299*Oil royalty traders, nec
67929900*Oil royalty traders, nec
13890203*Oil sampling service for oil companies
13110301*Oil sand mining
30530105*Oil seals, asbestos
30530106*Oil seals, leather
30530107*Oil seals, rubber
13110302*Oil shale mining
49590301*Oil spill cleanup
37140120*Oil strainers, motor vehicle
28999933*Oil treating compounds
73530102*Oil well drilling equipment, rental or leasing
50840405*Oil well machinery, equipment, and supplies
20799904*Oil, hydrogenated: edible
20799905*Oil, partially hydrogenated: edible
50939905*Oil, waste
26720106*Oiled paper: made from purchased materials
28990100*Oils and essential oils
289901*Oils and essential oils
284301*Oils and greases
28430100*Oils and greases
29929901*Oils and greases, blending and compounding
51990803*Oils, animal or vegetable
29110303*Oils, fuel
29110304*Oils, illuminating
29110404*Oils, lubricating
29110305*Oils, partly refined: sold for rerunning
35560210*Oilseed crushing and extracting machinery
32910702*Oilstones, artificial
20769904*Oiticica oil
83220102*Old age assistance
83610402*Old soldiers' home
28690310*Oleic acid esters
37289906*Oleo struts, aircraft
01799907*Olive grove
20799906*Olive oil
20350204*Olives, brined: bulk
20340207*Olives, dried
20330312*Olives: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
14599906*Olivine (nongem) mining
38120123*Omnibearing indicators
01610303*Onion farm
20969902*Onion fries
20350205*Onions, pickled
73759902*On-line data base information retrieval
48130200*Online service providers
481302*Online service providers
73790203*Online services technology consultants
38230500*On-stream gas/liquid analysis instruments, industrial
382305*On-stream gas/liquid analysis instruments, industrial
14299908*Onyx marble, crushed and broken-quarrying
14119905*Onyx marble, dimension-quarrying
32119904*Opalescent glass, flat
22110809*Opaline, cotton
344602*Open flooring and grating for construction
34460200*Open flooring and grating for construction
10210102*Open pit copper ore mining
10410101*Open pit gold mining
10110101*Open pit iron ore mining, nec
10440101*Open pit silver mining
10110102*Open pit taconite mining
35520110*Opening machinery and equipment
79220303*Opera company
23539909*Opera hats
73729905*Operating systems computer software
38419902*Operating tables
15310000*Operative builders
1531*Operative Builders
153100*Operative builders
153199*Operative builders, nec
15319900*Operative builders, nec
82439901*Operator training, computer
32290202*Ophthalmic glass, except flat
32110101*Ophthalmic glass, flat
5048*Ophthalmic Goods
504800*Ophthalmic goods
3851*Ophthalmic Goods
385100*Ophthalmic goods
38510000*Ophthalmic goods
50480000*Ophthalmic goods
50489900*Ophthalmic goods, nec
38519900*Ophthalmic goods, nec
385199*Ophthalmic goods, nec
504899*Ophthalmic goods, nec
384101*Ophthalmic instruments and apparatus
38410100*Ophthalmic instruments and apparatus
38410102*Ophthalmic lasers
38410208*Ophthalmometers and ophthalmoscopes
87320107*Opinion research
28330213*Opium derivatives
38279913*Optical alignment and display instruments
38279914*Optical comparators
36959901*Optical disks and tape, blank
38279915*Optical elements and assemblies, except ophthalmic
322902*Optical glass
32290200*Optical glass
32290203*Optical glass blanks
32110102*Optical glass, flat
50490104*Optical goods
59950000*Optical goods stores
5995*Optical Goods Stores
599500*Optical goods stores
599599*Optical goods stores, nec
59959900*Optical goods stores, nec
76990106*Optical instrument repair
38270100*Optical instruments and apparatus
382701*Optical instruments and apparatus
3827*Optical Instruments and Lenses
382700*Optical instruments and lenses
38270000*Optical instruments and lenses
38279900*Optical instruments and lenses, nec
382799*Optical instruments and lenses, nec
36749908*Optical isolators
35599918*Optical lens machinery
73749905*Optical scanning data service
35770503*Optical scanning devices
38279916*Optical test and inspection equipment
50489904*Optometric equipment and supplies
80210104*Oral pathologist
284402*Oral preparations
28440200*Oral preparations
01749904*Orange grove
28990111*Orange oil
07629902*Orchard management and maintenance services
07210101*Orchard tree and vine bracing services
07210102*Orchard tree and vine pruning services
07210100*Orchard tree and vine services
072101*Orchard tree and vine services
07210103*Orchard tree and vine surgery services
79290109*Orchestras or bands, nec
34890000*Ordnance and accessories, nec
3489*Ordnance and Accessories, Nec
348900*Ordnance and accessories, nec
348999*Ordnance and accessories, nec, nec
34899900*Ordnance and accessories, nec, nec
34620502*Ordnance forgings, ferrous
34630202*Ordnance forgings, nonferrous
80999909*Organ bank
34299909*Organ hardware
39310115*Organ parts and materials
76991001*Organ tuning and repair
22110810*Organdy, cotton
514906*Organic and diet food
51490600*Organic and diet food
51699910*Organic chemicals, synthetic
2824*Organic Fibers, Noncellulosic
282400*Organic fibers, noncellulosic
28240000*Organic fibers, noncellulosic
28249900*Organic fibers, noncellulosic, nec
282499*Organic fibers, noncellulosic, nec
28330105*Organic medicinal chemicals: bulk, uncompounded
30890107*Organizers for closets, drawers, etc.: plastics
39310116*Organs, all types: pipe, reed, hand, electronic, etc.
32990300*Ornamental and architectural plaster work
329903*Ornamental and architectural plaster work
323101*Ornamental glass: cut, engraved or otherwise decorated
32310100*Ornamental glass: cut, engraved or otherwise decorated
36469905*Ornamental lighting fixtures, commercial
34629909*Ornamental metal forgings, ferrous
34699909*Ornamental metal stampings
17999924*Ornamental metal work
344606*Ornamental metalwork
34460600*Ornamental metalwork
0181*Ornamental Nursery Products
018100*Ornamental nursery products
01810000*Ornamental nursery products
01819900*Ornamental nursery products, nec
018199*Ornamental nursery products, nec
0783*Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services
078300*Ornamental shrub and tree services
07830000*Ornamental shrub and tree services
07839900*Ornamental shrub and tree services, nec
078399*Ornamental shrub and tree services, nec
24310601*Ornamental woodwork: cornices, mantels, etc.
39610202*Ornaments, costume, except precious metal and gems
31310105*Ornaments, shoe
28990112*Orris oil
80729904*Orthodontic appliance production
38430116*Orthodontic appliances
59990906*Orthopedic and prosthesis applications
38420400*Orthopedic appliances
384204*Orthopedic appliances
50470309*Orthopedic equipment and supplies
80699905*Orthopedic hospital
80110514*Orthopedic physician
32750203*Orthopedic plaster, gypsum
31490101*Orthopedic shoes, children's
31439903*Orthopedic shoes, men's
31449903*Orthopedic shoes, women's
30690805*Orthopedic sundries, molded rubber
38250317*Oscillators, audio and radio frequency (instrument types)
38250318*Oscillographs and oscilloscopes
10990302*Osmium ore mining
80999907*Osteoporosis center
38450114*Otoscopes, electromedical
38410210*Otoscopes, except electromedical
55510104*Outboard boats
55510402*Outboard motors
50910704*Outboard motors
35199904*Outboard motors
36999909*Outboard motors, electric
7312*Outdoor Advertising Services
731200*Outdoor advertising services
73120000*Outdoor advertising services
73129900*Outdoor advertising services, nec
731299*Outdoor advertising services, nec
57129905*Outdoor and garden furniture
50219904*Outdoor and lawn furniture, nec
79970400*Outdoor field clubs
799704*Outdoor field clubs
364801*Outdoor lighting equipment
36480100*Outdoor lighting equipment
752101*Outdoor parking services
75210100*Outdoor parking services
242104*Outdoor wood structural products
24210400*Outdoor wood structural products
79999907*Outfitters, recreation
22110405*Outing flannel, cotton
36440103*Outlet boxes (electric wiring devices)
36430104*Outlets, electric: convenience
83220605*Outreach program
38220605*Oven temperature controls, non-industrial type
35560302*Ovens, bakery
38210306*Ovens, laboratory
50460305*Ovens, microwave: commercial
36340112*Ovens, portable: household
23260102*Overalls and coveralls
12410201*Overburden removal, anthracite mining
12410202*Overburden removal, bituminous or lignite mining
10819902*Overburden removal, metal mining
14819902*Overburden removal, nonmetallic minerals
22310101*Overcoatings: wool, mohair, or similar fibers
23110202*Overcoats and topcoats: men's, youths' and boys'
35359903*Overhead conveyor systems
22620103*Overprinting: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
30210107*Overshoes, plastic
30210108*Overshoes, rubber or rubber soled fabric
28690311*Oxalic acid and metallic salts
22110208*Oxfords (cotton fabrics)
28999935*Oxidizers, inorganic
37289907*Oxygen systems, aircraft
80829901*Oxygen tent service
38419903*Oxygen tents
50470105*Oxygen therapy equipment
28139909*Oxygen, compressed or liquefied
58120701*Oyster bar
09130103*Oyster beds
20529910*Oyster crackers
09199903*Oyster shells, dredging
20489913*Oyster shells, ground: prepared as animal feed
09130104*Oysters, dredging or tonging of
20910208*Oysters, preserved and cured
20910209*Oysters: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
14990202*Ozokerite mining
35599919*Ozone machines
99998888*P.O. Box for general mailing purposes
38450206*Pacemaker, cardiac
79991508*Pack train, for amusement
45139902*Package delivery, private air
42159903*Package delivery, vehicular
73360104*Package design
51420000*Packaged frozen goods
5142*Packaged Frozen Goods
514200*Packaged frozen goods
514299*Packaged frozen goods, nec
51429900*Packaged frozen goods, nec
73891200*Packaging and labeling services
738912*Packaging and labeling services
30869905*Packaging and shipping materials, foamed plastics
26310305*Packaging board
3565*Packaging Machinery
356500*Packaging machinery
35650000*Packaging machinery
50840905*Packaging machinery and equipment
51999918*Packaging materials
59999930*Packaging materials: boxes, padding, etc.
26210806*Packaging paper
28999936*Packers' salt
32219905*Packers' ware (containers), glass
4783*Packing and Crating
478300*Packing and crating
47830000*Packing and crating
47839900*Packing and crating, nec
478399*Packing and crating, nec
356502*Packing and wrapping machinery
35650200*Packing and wrapping machinery
24410202*Packing cases, wood: nailed or lock corner
47839903*Packing goods for shipping
35569906*Packing house machinery
305302*Packing materials
30530200*Packing materials
30810101*Packing materials, plastics sheet
50850202*Packing, industrial
30530202*Packing, leather, nec
30530203*Packing, metallic
30530204*Packing, rubber
22990505*Packing, twisted jute
30530205*Packing: steam engines, pipe joints, air compressors, etc.
35590304*Pack-up assemblies, wheel overhaul
30210109*Pacs: rubber or rubber soled fabric
22990104*Padding and wadding, textile
30869906*Padding, foamed plastics
23920402*Pads and padding, table: except asbestos, felt, or rattan
26530104*Pads, corrugated: made from purchased materials
22990105*Pads, fiber: henequen, sisal, istle
39539904*Pads, inking and stamping
39990206*Pads, permanent waving
32910101*Pads, scouring: soap impregnated
23960202*Pads, shoulder: for coats, suits, etc.
26530204*Pads, solid fiber: made from purchased materials
39490705*Pads: football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.
36630108*Pagers (one-way)
50650206*Paging and signaling equipment
48129902*Paging services
35499903*Pail mills
24490204*Pails, buckets, vats: wood, coopered
34119904*Pails, except shipping: metal
50850110*Pails, metal
30890108*Pails, plastics
26560302*Pails, sanitary food: made from purchased material
34129904*Pails, shipping: metal
52310200*Paint and painting supplies
523102*Paint and painting supplies
399102*Paint and varnish brushes
39910200*Paint and varnish brushes
28420106*Paint and wallpaper cleaners
17990608*Paint and wallpaper stripping
35679910*Paint baking and drying ovens
51989901*Paint brushes, rollers, sprayers
52310202*Paint brushes, rollers, sprayers and other supplies
28510104*Paint driers
35599920*Paint making machinery
51989903*Paint or varnish thinner
28510401*Paint removers
39910201*Paint rollers
39449912*Paint sets, children's
75320202*Paint shop, automotive
50840906*Paint spray equipment, industrial
24990805*Paint sticks, wood
5231*Paint, Glass, and Wallpaper Stores
523100*Paint, glass, and wallpaper stores
52310000*Paint, glass, and wallpaper stores
28510402*Paintbrush cleaners
17210000*Painting and paper hanging
1721*Painting and Paper Hanging
172100*Painting and paper hanging
39999926*Painting instrument dials
34790215*Painting of metal products
34790200*Painting, coating, and hot dipping
347902*Painting, coating, and hot dipping
2851*Paints and Allied Products
285100*Paints and allied products
28510000*Paints and allied products
28510100*Paints and paint additives
285101*Paints and paint additives
39520109*Paints for burnt wood or leather work, platinum
39520110*Paints for china painting
28510105*Paints, asphalt or bituminous
39520111*Paints, except gold and bronze: artists'
39520112*Paints, gold or bronze: artists'
51980000*Paints, varnishes, and supplies
5198*Paints, Varnishes, and Supplies
519800*Paints, varnishes, and supplies
519899*Paints, varnishes, and supplies, nec
51989900*Paints, varnishes, and supplies, nec
28510106*Paints, waterproof
28510107*Paints: oil or alkyd vehicle or water thinned
22110209*Pajama checks, textile
23410102*Pajamas and bedjackets: women's and children's
58120117*Pakistani restaurant
39520213*Palettes, artists'
10990200*Palladium group ores mining
109902*Palladium group ores mining
73590301*Pallet box rental
35370211*Pallet loaders and unloaders
25429901*Pallet racks: except wood
735903*Pallet rental services
73590300*Pallet rental services
76990507*Pallet repair
26790102*Pallet spacers, fiber: made from purchased material
35370212*Palletizers and depalletizers
26530105*Pallets, corrugated: made from purchased materials
35370107*Pallets, metal
30899918*Pallets, plastics
26530205*Pallets, solid fiber: made from purchased materials
24480201*Pallets, wood
50319907*Pallets, wood
24480202*Pallets, wood and metal combination
24480200*Pallets, wood and wood with metal
244802*Pallets, wood and wood with metal
20769905*Palm kernel oil
27890304*Pamphlets, binding
27320202*Pamphlets: printing and binding, not published on site
27320102*Pamphlets: printing only, not published on site
27310203*Pamphlets: publishing and printing
27310103*Pamphlets: publishing only, not printed on site
34790216*Pan glazing
23539910*Panama hats
20410203*Pancake batter, frozen or refrigerated
20450203*Pancake batter, frozen or refrigerated: from purchased flour
20450110*Pancake mixes, prepared: from purchased flour
20990103*Pancake syrup, blended and mixed
36130200*Panel and distribution boards and other related apparatus
361302*Panel and distribution boards and other related apparatus
37289908*Panel assembly (hydromatic propeller test stands), aircraft
25219901*Panel systems and partitions (free-standing), office: wood
25220202*Panel systems and partitions, office: except wood
24310602*Panel work, wood
38230414*Panelboard indicators, recorders and controllers: receiver
36130207*Panelboards and distribution boards, electric
50310203*Paneling, wood
32720709*Panels and sections, prefabricated concrete
24529905*Panels and sections, prefabricated, wood
34480201*Panels for prefabricated metal buildings
30890313*Panels, building: plastics, nec
26750103*Panels, cardboard, die-cut: made from purchased materials
24359902*Panels, hardwood plywood
32990305*Panels, papier mache or plaster of paris
24369901*Panels, softwood plywood
26559902*Pans and voids, fiber or cardboard: from purchased material
34119905*Pans, tinned
22540101*Panties, knit
23410202*Panties: women's, misses', children's, and infants'
22310102*Pantings: wool, mohair, or similar fibers
39520214*Pantographs, for drafting
23860203*Pants, leather
22530504*Pants, slacks, or trousers, knit
23699904*Pantsuits: girls', children's, and infants'
23370101*Pantsuits: women's, misses' and juniors'
22519902*Panty hose
26760202*Panty liners: made from purchased paper
01799912*Papaya grove
26*Paper and Allied Products
26749905*Paper bags: made from purchased materials
22210905*Paper broadwoven fabrics
14559904*Paper clay mining
34960302*Paper clips, made from purchased wire
33150203*Paper clips, steel
26560100*Paper cups, plates, dishes, and utensils
265601*Paper cups, plates, dishes, and utensils
35790304*Paper cutters, trimmers, and punches
27899902*Paper cutting
35440108*Paper cutting dies
26759905*Paper die-cutting
35540100*Paper forming machines
355401*Paper forming machines
357903*Paper handling machines
35790300*Paper handling machines
35540000*Paper industries machinery
355400*Paper industries machinery
3554*Paper Industries Machinery
355499*Paper industries machinery, nec
35549900*Paper industries machinery, nec
50840302*Paper manufacturing machinery
35549906*Paper mill machinery: plating, slitting, waxing, etc.
2621*Paper Mills
262100*Paper mills
26210000*Paper mills
26219900*Paper mills, nec
262199*Paper mills, nec
26799903*Paper products, converted, nec
27829903*Paper ruling
34829904*Paper shells: empty, blank, or loaded: 30 mm. and below
35770201*Paper tape (computer) equipment: punches, readers, etc.
51130101*Paper tubes and cores
32910602*Paper, abrasive: garnet, emery, aluminum oxide coated
26719902*Paper, coated or laminated for packaging
508403*Paper, sawmill, and woodworking machinery
50840300*Paper, sawmill, and woodworking machinery
51139903*Paper, wrapping or coarse, and products
15419906*Paper/pulp mill construction
26710000*Paper; coated and laminated packaging
2671*Paper; Coated and Laminated Packaging
267100*Paper; coated and laminated packaging
267199*Paper; coated and laminated packaging, nec
26719900*Paper; coated and laminated packaging, nec
26720000*Paper; coated and laminated, nec
2672*Paper; Coated and Laminated, Nec
267200*Paper; coated and laminated, nec
267299*Paper; coated and laminated, nec, nec
26729900*Paper; coated and laminated, nec, nec
51139904*Paperboard and products
26579902*Paperboard backs for blister or skin packages
26759906*Paperboard die-cutting
26310000*Paperboard mills
2631*Paperboard Mills
263100*Paperboard mills
263199*Paperboard mills, nec
26319900*Paperboard mills, nec
26799904*Paperboard products, converted, nec
22310304*Papermakers' felts, woven: wool, mohair, or similar fibers
26780300*Papeteries and writing paper sets
267803*Papeteries and writing paper sets
26780301*Papeteries: made from purchased materials
26790103*Papier mache articles, except statuary and art goods
22210906*Parachute fabrics
34299910*Parachute hardware
79991114*Parachute training, for pleasure
29110405*Paraffin wax
73891307*Paralegal service
36799909*Parametric amplifiers
36740104*Parametric diodes
39990602*Parasols and frames: handles, parts, and trimmings
45139903*Parcel delivery, private air
42159904*Parcel delivery, vehicular
31110603*Parchment leather
26210202*Parchment paper
262102*Parchment, securites, and bank note papers
26210200*Parchment, securities, and bank note papers
86419904*Parent-teachers' association
61590204*Pari-mutuel totalizator equipment finance leasing and maint.
179907*Parking facility equipment and maintenance
17990700*Parking facility equipment and maintenance
35599921*Parking facility equipment and supplies
17990701*Parking facility equipment installation
75210202*Parking garage
36470107*Parking lights, automotive
17710303*Parking lot construction
17990702*Parking lot maintenance
75210101*Parking lots
38249903*Parking meters
50469905*Parking meters
75210203*Parking structure
47890202*Parlor car services
83220403*Parole office
24269904*Parquet flooring, hardwood
36990109*Particle accelerators, high voltage
38269911*Particle size analyzers
38210117*Particle size reduction apparatus, laboratory
249302*Particleboard products
24930200*Particleboard products
24930202*Particleboard, plastic laminated
32510208*Partition tile, clay
25420000*Partitions and fixtures, except wood
2542*Partitions and Fixtures, Except Wood
254200*Partitions and fixtures, except wood
254299*Partitions and fixtures, except wood, nec
25429900*Partitions and fixtures, except wood, nec
344604*Partitions and supports/studs, including accoustical systems
34460400*Partitions and supports/studs, including acoustical systems
25429902*Partitions for floor attachment, prefabricated: except wood
25419901*Partitions for floor attachment, prefabricated: wood
26530106*Partitions, corrugated: made from purchased materials
34460403*Partitions, ornamental metal
26530206*Partitions, solid fiber: made from purchased materials
351902*Parts and accessories, internal combustion engines
35190200*Parts and accessories, internal combustion engines
35850400*Parts for heating, cooling, and refrigerating equipment
358504*Parts for heating, cooling, and refrigerating equipment
59470106*Party favors
51990210*Party favors, balloons, hats, etc.
72990502*Party planning service
73590600*Party supplies rental services
735906*Party supplies rental services
59639907*Party-plan merchandising
27820502*Passbooks: bank, etc.
35350102*Passenger baggage belt loaders
7515*Passenger Car Leasing
751500*Passenger car leasing
75150000*Passenger car leasing
75140000*Passenger car rental
7514*Passenger Car Rental
751400*Passenger car rental
751499*Passenger car rental, nec
75149900*Passenger car rental, nec
41110400*Passenger rail transportation
411104*Passenger rail transportation
478902*Passenger train services
47890200*Passenger train services
47290000*Passenger transportation arrangement
4729*Passenger Transportation Arrangement
472900*Passenger transportation arrangement
472999*Passenger transportation arrangement, nec, nec
47299900*Passenger transportation arrangement, nec, nec
36790106*Passive repeaters
514904*Pasta and rice
51490400*Pasta and rice
35569907*Pasta machinery
209908*Pasta, rice, and potato, packaged combination products
20990800*Pasta, rice, and potato, packaged combination products
20990802*Pasta, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients
33990104*Paste, metal
26310410*Pasted board
39520113*Pastels, artists'
20220102*Pastes, cheese
20879905*Pastes, flavoring
20860200*Pasteurized and mineral waters, bottled and canned
208602*Pasteurized and mineral waters, bottled and canned
35560109*Pasteurizing equipment, dairy machinery
20130105*Pastrami, from purchased meat
20150905*Pastrami, poultry
20510208*Pastries, e.g. danish: except frozen
20539906*Pastries, e.g. danish: frozen
24990904*Pastry boards, wood
28999937*Patching plaster, household
73891308*Patent brokers
67949903*Patent buying, licensing, leasing
31110201*Patent leather
51220307*Patent medicines
67940000*Patent owners and lessors
6794*Patent Owners and Lessors
679400*Patent owners and lessors
679499*Patent owners and lessors, nec
67949900*Patent owners and lessors, nec
81110102*Patent solicitor
81110212*Patent, trademark and copyright law
80710104*Pathological laboratory
38450115*Patient monitoring apparatus, nec
50470106*Patient monitoring equipment
15210103*Patio and deck construction and repair
17719905*Patio construction, concrete
37310204*Patrol boats, building and repairing
73899934*Patrol of electric transmission or gas lines
64119907*Patrol services, insurance
37110107*Patrol wagons (motor vehicles), assembly of
35539908*Pattern makers' machinery, woodworking
26210105*Pattern tissue
34699910*Patterns on metal
51139905*Patterns, paper
27419904*Patterns, paper: publishing and printing
27419905*Patterns, paper: publishing only, not printed on site
59490204*Patterns: sewing, knitting and needlework
17210303*Pavement marking contractor
295101*Paving blocks
29510100*Paving blocks
32719912*Paving blocks, concrete
32810603*Paving blocks, cut stone
35310413*Paving breakers
32510105*Paving brick, clay
503201*Paving materials
50320100*Paving materials
32729903*Paving materials, prefabricated concrete
29510200*Paving mixtures
295102*Paving mixtures
50320102*Paving mixtures
52110505*Paving stones
73891008*Pay telephone network
87210202*Payroll accounting service
36610201*PBX equipment, manual or automatic
37149906*PCV valves
01190105*Pea (dry field and seed) farm
01610200*Pea and bean farms
016102*Pea and bean farms
011901*Pea and bean farms (legumes)
01190100*Pea and bean farms (legumes)
01610203*Pea farm, green (except dry peas)
97219906*Peace Corps
01759905*Peach orchard
20999912*Peanut butter
35230112*Peanut combines, diggers, packers, and threshers
01390201*Peanut farm
20769906*Peanut oil, cake or meal
20799907*Peanut oil, refined: not made in peanut oil mills
07230108*Peanut shelling
51590503*Peanuts (bulk), unroasted
07220304*Peanuts, machine harvesting services
01759906*Pear orchard
39150206*Pearl drilling, sawing or peeling
39110106*Pearl jewelry, natural or cultured
76310202*Pearl restringing
39619902*Pearls, artificial
14990601*Peat grinding
14990602*Peat mining
14990600*Peat mining and processing
149906*Peat mining and processing
14420202*Pebble mining
01739905*Pecan grove
07230503*Pecan hulling and shelling services
51590504*Pecan shellers
25419902*Pedestals and statuary, wood
32810503*Pedestals, marble
32990406*Pedestals, statuary: papier mache or plaster of paris
36690203*Pedestrian traffic control equipment
80420104*Pediatric specialist optometrist
07510403*Pedigree record services, livestock
07520104*Pedigree record services, pet and animal specialties
24110301*Peeler logs
14590303*Pegmatite (feldspar) mining
31310106*Pegs, shoe
34849903*Pellet and BB guns
35320406*Pellet mills (mining machinery)
34829905*Pellets and BB's, pistol and air rifle ammunition
38210118*Pellicle mirrors
39990403*Pelts: scraping, currying, tanning, bleaching, and dyeing
39520301*Pencil holders
39520302*Pencil lead: black, indelible, or colored: artists'
35799907*Pencil sharpeners
24990806*Pencil slats, wood
395203*Pencils and leads, including artists'
39520300*Pencils and leads, including artists'
39520303*Pencils and pencil parts, artists'
39519907*Pencils and pencil parts, mechanical
92239905*Penetentiary, government
28999938*Penetrants, inspection
39519908*Penholders and parts
28340804*Penicillin preparations
28330301*Penicillin: bulk, uncompounded
3951*Pens and Mechanical Pencils
395100*Pens and mechanical pencils
39510000*Pens and mechanical pencils
39519900*Pens and mechanical pencils, nec
395199*Pens and mechanical pencils, nec
51120102*Pens and/or pencils
64110104*Pension and retirement plan consultants
63710101*Pension funds
63710000*Pension, health, and welfare funds
6371*Pension, Health, and Welfare Funds
637100*Pension, health, and welfare funds
34430803*Penstocks, metal plate
28920215*Pentaerythritol tetranitrate, PETN
86610124*Pentecostal Church
01619905*Pepper farm, sweet and hot (vegetables)
28990113*Peppermint oil
22111004*Percaline, cotton
36340113*Percolators, electric
34829906*Percussion caps, for ammunition of 30 mm. and below
393105*Percussion instruments and parts
39310500*Percussion instruments and parts
34699911*Perforated metal, stamped
34439911*Perforating on heavy metal
13899913*Perforating well casings
35790305*Perforators (office machines)
67940103*Performance rights, publishing and licensing
79220203*Performing arts center production
28690503*Perfume materials, synthetic
59991302*Perfumes and colognes
28440300*Perfumes and colognes
284403*Perfumes and colognes
286905*Perfumes, flavorings, and food additives
28690500*Perfumes, flavorings, and food additives
28440303*Perfumes, natural or synthetic
38269912*Perimeters (optical instruments)
27520902*Periodicals, lithographed
27210200*Periodicals, publishing and printing
272102*Periodicals, publishing and printing
272101*Periodicals, publishing only
27210100*Periodicals, publishing only
27540503*Periodicals: gravure printing, not published on site
27590403*Periodicals: printing, nsk
14999911*Perlite mining
32950212*Perlite, aggregate or expanded
23950401*Permanent pleating and pressing: for the trade
39990108*Permanent wave equipment and machines
28191010*Peroxides, hydrogen peroxide
01759907*Persimmon orchard
88119902*Personal affairs management
72990100*Personal appearance services
729901*Personal appearance services
80529902*Personal care facility
80599905*Personal care home, with health care
57349901*Personal computers
35719904*Personal computers (microcomputers)
61410000*Personal credit institutions
61419900*Personal credit institutions, nec
82999911*Personal development school
72990600*Personal document and information services
729906*Personal document and information services
363405*Personal electrical appliances
36340500*Personal electrical appliances
61410106*Personal finance licensed loan companies, small
72991000*Personal financial services
729910*Personal financial services
67199902*Personal holding companies, except banks
86999909*Personal interest organization
73899935*Personal investigation service
67330102*Personal investment trust management
72991100*Personal item care and storage services
729911*Personal item care and storage services
3172*Personal Leather Goods, Nec
317200*Personal leather goods, nec
31720000*Personal leather goods, nec
31729900*Personal leather goods, nec, nec
317299*Personal leather goods, nec, nec
384201*Personal safety equipment
38420100*Personal safety equipment
73890100*Personal service agents, brokers, and bureaus
738901*Personal service agents, brokers, and bureaus
72*Personal Services
899910*Personal services
89991000*Personal services
72991203*Personal shopping service
91990102*Personnel agency, government
37110302*Personnel carriers (motor vehicles), assembly of
38290508*Personnel dosimetry devices
87410104*Personnel management
87420204*Personnel management consultant
78190100*Personnel services, motion picture production
781901*Personnel services, motion picture production
734202*Pest control services
08519903*Pest control services, forest
28790107*Pesticides, agricultural or household
23990203*Pet collars, leashes, etc.: non-leather
59991102*Pet food
51490200*Pet foods
514902*Pet foods
72999911*Pet sitting, in-home
59991103*Pet supplies
51990305*Pet supplies
39999927*Pet supplies
29110504*Petrolatums, nonmedicinal
42260102*Petroleum and chemical bulk stations and terminals for hire
29990000*Petroleum and coal products, nec
2999*Petroleum and Coal Products, Nec
299900*Petroleum and coal products, nec
51729905*Petroleum brokers
51719901*Petroleum bulk stations
51710000*Petroleum bulk stations and terminals
5171*Petroleum Bulk Stations and Terminals
517100*Petroleum bulk stations and terminals
517199*Petroleum bulk stations and terminals, nec
51719900*Petroleum bulk stations and terminals, nec
87110303*Petroleum engineering
42120202*Petroleum haulage, local
50840400*Petroleum industry machinery
508404*Petroleum industry machinery
38260305*Petroleum product analyzing apparatus
517200*Petroleum product wholesalers,except bulk stations/terminals
5172*Petroleum Products, Nec
51720000*Petroleum products, nec
51729900*Petroleum products, nec, nec
517299*Petroleum products, nec, nec
35590404*Petroleum refinery equipment
73890208*Petroleum refinery inspection service
2911*Petroleum Refining
291100*Petroleum refining
29110000*Petroleum refining
29*Petroleum Refining and Related Industries
291199*Petroleum refining, nec
29119900*Petroleum refining, nec
17999935*Petroleum storage tank installation, underground
17999925*Petroleum storage tanks, pumping and draining
51719902*Petroleum terminals
87110300*Petroleum, mining, and chemical engineers
871103*Petroleum, mining, and chemical engineers
59991100*Pets and pet supplies
51990300*Pets and pet supplies
519903*Pets and pet supplies
599911*Pets and pet supplies
25310203*Pews, church
391403*Pewter ware
39140300*Pewter ware
38230505*PH instruments, industrial process type
38260306*PH meters, except industrial process type
35599922*Pharmaceutical machinery
15419907*Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant construction
28340000*Pharmaceutical preparations
2834*Pharmaceutical Preparations
283400*Pharmaceutical preparations
283499*Pharmaceutical preparations, nec
28349900*Pharmaceutical preparations, nec
59619924*Pharmaceuticals, mail order
36210109*Phase or rotary converters (electrical equipment)
02599903*Pheasant farm
28650207*Phenol, alkylated and cumene
14990203*Phlogopite mining
36510111*Phonograph and radio combinations
36790201*Phonograph needle cartridges
36790202*Phonograph needles
36529904*Phonograph record blanks
50990502*Phonograph records
36529905*Phonograph records, prerecorded
76220301*Phonograph repair
36510112*Phonograph turntables
50460202*Phonographs, coin-operated
1475*Phosphate Rock
147500*Phosphate rock
14750000*Phosphate rock
51910108*Phosphate rock, ground
14759900*Phosphate rock, nec
147599*Phosphate rock, nec
20450111*Phosphated flour: from purchased flour
28191011*Phosphates, except fertilizers: defluorinated and ammoniated
28740000*Phosphatic fertilizers
2874*Phosphatic Fertilizers
287400*Phosphatic fertilizers
287499*Phosphatic fertilizers, nec
28749900*Phosphatic fertilizers, nec
28740104*Phosphoric acid
28690312*Phosphoric acid esters
28190107*Phosphorus, elemental
38610310*Photo reconnaissance systems
27910103*Photocomposition, for the printing trade
36740302*Photoconductive cells
76999905*Photocopy machine repair
59991402*Photocopy machines
38610505*Photocopy machines
50440207*Photocopy machines
73340000*Photocopying and duplicating services
7334*Photocopying and Duplicating Services
733400*Photocopying and duplicating services
733499*Photocopying and duplicating services, nec
73349900*Photocopying and duplicating services, nec
51120404*Photocopying supplies
36740303*Photoelectric cells, solid state (electronic eye)
36740304*Photoelectric magnetic devices
35550402*Photoengraving machines
27960202*Photoengraving plates, linecuts or halftones
7384*Photofinish Laboratories
738400*Photofinish laboratories
73840000*Photofinish laboratories
73840101*Photofinishing laboratory
73840104*Photofinishing laboratory, except one-hour
36410208*Photoflash and photoflood lamps
38610311*Photoflash equipment, except lamps
73890802*Photogrammatic mapping
87139901*Photogrammetric engineering
38290305*Photogrammetrical instruments
73840102*Photograph developing and retouching
73840103*Photograph enlarging
48220101*Photograph transmission services
76991500*Photographic and optical goods equipment repair services
769915*Photographic and optical goods equipment repair services
30810102*Photographic and X-ray film and sheet
50430202*Photographic cameras, projectors, equipment and supplies
36999910*Photographic control systems, electronic
5043*Photographic Equipment and Supplies
504300*Photographic equipment and supplies
386100*Photographic equipment and supplies
3861*Photographic Equipment and Supplies
50430000*Photographic equipment and supplies
38610000*Photographic equipment and supplies
38619900*Photographic equipment and supplies, nec
386199*Photographic equipment and supplies, nec
73599903*Photographic equipment rental
76991503*Photographic equipment repair
38610400*Photographic film, plate, and paper holders
386104*Photographic film, plate, and paper holders
38610312*Photographic instruments, electronic
73899936*Photographic library service
26750207*Photographic mats, mounts, and folders
482201*Photographic message services
48220100*Photographic message services
38610110*Photographic paper and cloth, all types, nec
38610600*Photographic processing chemicals
386106*Photographic processing chemicals
504301*Photographic processing equipment
50430100*Photographic processing equipment
38610200*Photographic processing equipment and chemicals
386102*Photographic processing equipment and chemicals
38610111*Photographic sensitized goods, nec
73840100*Photographic services
738401*Photographic services
73359903*Photographic studio, commercial
7221*Photographic Studios, Portrait
722100*Photographic studios, portrait
722199*Photographic studios, portrait, nec
59469902*Photographic supplies
73891704*Photography brokers
79991126*Photography instruction
275401*Photogravure and rotogravure printing
27540100*Photogravure and rotogravure printing
27540101*Photogravure printing
27520103*Photolithographic printing
38260203*Photomicrographic apparatus
36710213*Photomultiplier tubes
27520102*Photo-offset printing
36630203*Phototransmission equipment
36740305*Photovoltaic devices, solid state
28210405*Phthalic anhydride resins
809902*Physical examination and testing services
80990200*Physical examination and testing services
80990203*Physical examination service, insurance
79910100*Physical fitness clubs with training equipment
799101*Physical fitness clubs with training equipment
7991*Physical Fitness Facilities
799100*Physical fitness facilities
79910000*Physical fitness facilities
79991127*Physical fitness instruction
80119903*Physical medicine, physician/surgeon
38290400*Physical property testing equipment
382904*Physical property testing equipment
87339901*Physical research, noncommercial
80490200*Physical therapist
804902*Physical therapist
83610303*Physically handicapped home
50470107*Physician equipment and supplies
80119904*Physicians' office, including specialists
89990904*Physics consultant
38210119*Physics laboratory apparatus, nec
38419904*Physiotherapy equipment, electrical
38210120*Pi tapes (metal periphery direct reading diameter tapes)
34299911*Piano hardware
39310117*Piano parts and materials, nec
73590901*Piano rental
76991002*Piano tuning and repair
39310118*Pianos, all types: vertical, grand, spinet, player, etc.
39310306*Piccolos and parts
35520111*Picker machines, textile
24260205*Picker stick blanks
24110203*Pickets and paling: round or split
20350200*Pickled fruits and vegetables
203502*Pickled fruits and vegetables
35470205*Picklers and pickling lines (rolling mill equipment)
51499905*Pickles, preserves, jellies, and jams
2035*Pickles, Sauces, and Salad Dressings
203500*Pickles, sauces, and salad dressings
20350000*Pickles, sauces, and salad dressings
20350206*Pickles, vinegar
37929905*Pickup covers, canopies or caps
36519903*Pickup heads, phonograph
72120101*Pickup station, laundry and drycleaning
37149911*Pickup truck bed liners
55219903*Pickups and vans, used
55119902*Pickups, new and used
79999909*Picnic ground operation
30890213*Picnic jugs, plastics
25319908*Picnic tables or benches, park
38129904*Pictorial deviation indicators
24990400*Picture and mirror frames, wood
249904*Picture and mirror frames, wood
24990401*Picture frame molding, finished
34999918*Picture frames, metal
59991606*Picture frames, ready made
76991809*Picture framing, custom
32119905*Picture glass
36710101*Picture tube reprocessing
571906*Pictures and mirrors
57190600*Pictures and mirrors
57190602*Pictures, wall
20990307*Pie fillings, except fruit, meat, and vegetable
5131*Piece Goods and Notions
513100*Piece goods and notions
51310000*Piece goods and notions
51319900*Piece goods and notions, nec
513199*Piece goods and notions, nec
513101*Piece goods and other fabrics
51310100*Piece goods and other fabrics
16290111*Pier construction
32720710*Pier footings, prefabricated concrete
79969902*Pier, amusement
44910203*Piers, incl. buildings and facilities: operation and maint.
20510209*Pies, bakery: except frozen
20539907*Pies, bakery; frozen
36790402*Piezoelectric crystals
50510212*Pig iron
02599904*Pigeon farm
39490510*Pigeons, clay (targets)
20130207*Pigs' feet, cooked and pickled: from purchased meat
33349901*Pigs, aluminum
33310102*Pigs, copper
09129907*Pilchard, catching of
35310506*Pile drivers (construction machinery)
16299904*Pile driving contractor
22579903*Pile fabrics, circular knit
22110406*Pile fabrics, cotton
22210802*Pile fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
22580203*Pile fabrics, warp or flat knit
34430707*Pile shells, metal plate
34449907*Pile shells, sheet metal
24910102*Piles, foundation and marine construction: treated wood
35310507*Piling extractors
50510213*Piling, iron and steel
32720711*Piling, prefabricated concrete
24110204*Piling, wood: untreated
24910103*Pilings, treated wood
35680102*Pillow blocks with plain bearings
72190203*Pillow cleaning and renovating
22990106*Pillow fillings: curled hair, cotton waste, moss, hemp tow
72999907*Pillow rental service
22110107*Pillow tubing
23920304*Pillowcases: made from purchased materials
23920103*Pillows, bed: made from purchased materials
30690701*Pillows, sponge rubber
36510114*Pillows, stereo
28349906*Pills, pharmaceutical
73899937*Pilot car escort service
36410209*Pilot lights, radio
73639908*Pilot service, aviation
44999904*Piloting vessels in and out of harbors
22111211*Pin checks, cotton
39150107*Pin stems
22111212*Pin stripes, cotton
26799905*Pin tickets, paper: made from purchased paper
79930203*Pinball machine
01799908*Pineapple farm
79990402*Ping pong parlor
39490806*Ping-pong equipment and supplies, except tables
39490807*Ping-pong tables
14599907*Pinite mining
39610105*Pins (jewelry), except precious metal
39110107*Pins (jewelry), precious metal
39650200*Pins and needles
396502*Pins and needles
50740301*Pipe and boiler covering
22990209*Pipe and boiler covering, felt
35470206*Pipe and tube mills
50510214*Pipe and tubing, steel
39990508*Pipe cleaners
32920304*Pipe covering (heat insulating material), except felt
35410501*Pipe cutting and threading machines
34940100*Pipe fittings
349401*Pipe fittings
34989904*Pipe fittings, fabricated from purchased pipe
16239903*Pipe laying construction
34989905*Pipe sections, fabricated from purchased pipe
59939903*Pipe store
13890204*Pipe testing, oil field service
33510202*Pipe, brass and bronze
32720608*Pipe, concrete or lined with concrete
33540201*Pipe, extruded, aluminum
34430902*Pipe, large diameter: metal plate
34440104*Pipe, sheet metal
34430900*Pipe, standpipe, and culverts
344309*Pipe, standpipe, and culverts
73890209*Pipeline and power line inspection service
16239904*Pipeline construction, nsk
47899901*Pipeline terminal facilities, independently operated
16230104*Pipeline wrapping
50859909*Pipeline wrappings, anti-corrosive
46*Pipelines, Except Natural Gas
49229901*Pipelines, natural gas
46190000*Pipelines, nec
4619*Pipelines, Nec
461900*Pipelines, nec
461999*Pipelines, nec, nec
46199900*Pipelines, nec, nec
26790104*Pipes and fittings, fiber: made from purchased material
50740302*Pipes and fittings, plastic
33120600*Pipes and tubes
331206*Pipes and tubes
33120601*Pipes, iron and steel
39310119*Pipes, organ
33170101*Pipes, seamless steel
51990703*Pipes, smokers'
33170203*Pipes, wrought: welded, lock joint, or heavy riveted
30691202*Pipestems or bits, tobacco: hard rubber
14999912*Pipestone mining (catlinite)
38210121*Pipettes, hemocytometer
34989906*Piping systems for pulp, paper, and chemical industries
22110511*Piques, cotton
01739906*Pistachio grove
34849904*Pistols or pistol parts, 30 mm. and below
39440402*Pistols, toy
35929902*Pistons and piston rings
10949902*Pitchblende mining
28340104*Pituitary gland pharmaceutical preparations
35689903*Pivots, power transmission
20410204*Pizza dough, prepared
20450204*Pizza doughs, prepared: from purchased flour
20410302*Pizza mixes
20450112*Pizza mixes: from purchased flour
581206*Pizza restaurants
58120600*Pizza restaurants
20330104*Pizza sauce: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
51499906*Pizza supplies
20389906*Pizza, frozen
20990704*Pizza, refrigerated: except frozen
58120601*Pizzeria, chain
58120602*Pizzeria, independent
23920403*Placemats, plastic or textile
736101*Placement agencies
73610100*Placement agencies
10410102*Placer gold mining
10440102*Placer silver mining
22111213*Plaids, cotton
36710214*Planar triode tubes
35419911*Planers (metal cutting machine tools)
35310414*Planers, bituminous
35539909*Planers, woodworking machines
35550305*Planes, printers'
35539910*Planing mill machinery
52110104*Planing mill products and lumber
24219907*Planing mill, independent: except millwork
24319902*Planing mill, millwork
24219908*Planing mills, nec
87420505*Planning consultant
73899938*Plant care service
51999919*Plant food
28739904*Plant foods, mixed: from plants making nitrog. fertilizers
28749901*Plant foods, mixed: from plants making phosphatic fertilizer
28799904*Plant hormones
01799909*Plantain grove
51930102*Planters and flower pots
24490303*Planters and window boxes, wood
30890109*Planters, plastics
50830310*Planting machinery and equipment
35230113*Planting machines, agricultural
07219902*Planting services
07830101*Planting services, ornamental bush
07830102*Planting services, ornamental tree
35230100*Planting, haying, harvesting, and processing machinery
352301*Planting, haying, harvesting, and processing machinery
078301*Planting, pruning, and trimming services
07830100*Planting, pruning, and trimming services
39990707*Plants, artificial and preserved
01810100*Plants, foliage and shrubberies
018101*Plants, foliage and shrubberies
51930203*Plants, potted
59929902*Plants, potted
01810105*Plants, potted: growing of
39999928*Plaques, picture, laminated
32990407*Plaques: clay, plaster, or papier mache
35429914*Plasma jet spray metal forming machines
35419912*Plasma process metal cutting machines
80990104*Plasmapherous center
17420100*Plaster and drywall work
174201*Plaster and drywall work
32750102*Plaster and plasterboard, gypsum
32750204*Plaster of paris
38430211*Plaster, dental
34490202*Plastering accessories, metal
503202*Plastering materials
50320200*Plastering materials
1742*Plastering, Drywall, and Insulation
174200*Plastering, drywall, and insulation
17420000*Plastering, drywall, and insulation
17420104*Plastering, plain or ornamental
26730300*Plastic and pliofilm bags
267303*Plastic and pliofilm bags
26730301*Plastic bags: made from purchased materials
30520400*Plastic belting
305204*Plastic belting
50850111*Plastic bottles
229502*Plastic coated yarns or fabrics
22950200*Plastic coated yarns or fabrics
28920216*Plastic explosives
26719903*Plastic film, coated or laminated for packaging
32550101*Plastic fire clay bricks
14590106*Plastic fire clay mining
30520200*Plastic hose
305202*Plastic hose
50859918*Plastic pallets
51310114*Plastic piece goods, woven
34329903*Plastic plumbing fixture fittings, assembly
50849906*Plastic products machinery
325501*Plastic refractories
32550100*Plastic refractories
32550102*Plastic refractories, clay
80110517*Plastic surgeon
17990609*Plastic wall tile installation
28999939*Plastic wood
28210400*Plasticizer/additive based plastic materials
282104*Plasticizer/additive based plastic materials
28699926*Plasticizers, organic: cyclic and acyclic
30890110*Plastics and fiberglass tanks
28510108*Plastics base paints and varnishes
51629901*Plastics basic shapes
30890500*Plastics boats and other marine equipment
308905*Plastics boats and other marine equipment
3085*Plastics Bottles
308500*Plastics bottles
30850000*Plastics bottles
30890100*Plastics containers, except foam
308901*Plastics containers, except foam
51629902*Plastics film
308101*Plastics film and sheet
30810100*Plastics film and sheet
30839902*Plastics finished products, laminated
51990902*Plastics foam
30860000*Plastics foam products
3086*Plastics Foam Products
308600*Plastics foam products
308699*Plastics foam products, nec
30869900*Plastics foam products, nec
30890300*Plastics hardware and building products
308903*Plastics hardware and building products
308902*Plastics kitchenware, tableware, and houseware
30890200*Plastics kitchenware, tableware, and houseware
5162*Plastics Materials and Basic Shapes
516200*Plastics materials and basic shapes
51620000*Plastics materials and basic shapes
51629900*Plastics materials and basic shapes, nec
516299*Plastics materials and basic shapes, nec
2821*Plastics Materials and Resins
282100*Plastics materials and resins
28210000*Plastics materials and resins
28219900*Plastics materials and resins, nec
282199*Plastics materials and resins, nec
51629903*Plastics materials, nec
3084*Plastics Pipe
308400*Plastics pipe
30840000*Plastics pipe
30880000*Plastics plumbing fixtures
3088*Plastics Plumbing Fixtures
308800*Plastics plumbing fixtures
308899*Plastics plumbing fixtures, nec
30889900*Plastics plumbing fixtures, nec
30890600*Plastics processing
308906*Plastics processing
76999906*Plastics products repair
51629904*Plastics products, nec
3089*Plastics Products, Nec
308900*Plastics products, nec
30890000*Plastics products, nec
30899900*Plastics products, nec, nec
308999*Plastics products, nec, nec
51620101*Plastics resins
50939906*Plastics scrap
51629905*Plastics sheets and rods
35599923*Plastics working machinery
321104*Plate and sheet glass
32110400*Plate and sheet glass
63319906*Plate glass insurance
32110401*Plate glass, polished and rough
35470207*Plate rolling mill machinery
344304*Plate work for the metalworking trade
34430400*Plate work for the metalworking trade
34430500*Plate work for the nuclear industry
344305*Plate work for the nuclear industry
331207*Plate, sheet and strip, except coated products
33120700*Plate, sheet and strip, except coated products
33120702*Plate, steel
33121003*Plate, terne
391404*Plated ware (all metals)
39140400*Plated ware (all metals)
27599915*Plateless engraving
27960000*Platemaking services
2796*Platemaking Services
279600*Platemaking services
279699*Platemaking services, nec
27969900*Platemaking services, nec
30699912*Platens, except printers': solid or covered rubber
27960102*Plates and cylinders for rotogravure printing
33539902*Plates, aluminum
33510103*Plates, copper and copper alloy
50519906*Plates, metal
35550201*Plates, metal: engravers'
35550202*Plates, offset
26560103*Plates, paper: made from purchased material
38610112*Plates, photographic (sensitized)
30890214*Plates, plastics
26790205*Plates, pressed and molded pulp: from purchased material
35370108*Platforms, cargo
35370100*Platforms, stands, tables, pallets, and similar equipment
353701*Platforms, stands, tables, pallets, and similar equipment
3471*Plating and Polishing
347100*Plating and polishing
34710000*Plating and polishing
28999940*Plating compounds
34710107*Plating of metals or formed products
34979908*Platinum and platinum-base alloy foil
33390202*Platinum group metal refining (primary)
33410202*Platinum group metals, smelting and refining (secondary)
33560203*Platinum group metals: rolling, drawing, or extruding
10990300*Platinum group ores mining
109903*Platinum group ores mining
25110306*Play pens, children's: wood
23699905*Play suits: girls', children's, and infants'
23390305*Play suits: women's, misses', and juniors'
17990103*Playground construction and equipment installation
39499909*Playground equipment
59419905*Playground equipment
50920206*Playing cards
27520403*Playing cards, lithographed
27540303*Playing cards: gravure printing
27590201*Playing cards: printing, nsk
79220304*Plays, road and stock companies
73890105*Playwrights' brokers
79991408*Pleasure boat rental
23950000*Pleating and stitching
2395*Pleating and Stitching
239500*Pleating and stitching
239599*Pleating and stitching, nec
23959900*Pleating and stitching, nec
23950400*Pleating and tucking: for the trade
239504*Pleating and tucking: for the trade
38430117*Pliers, dental
32719913*Plinth blocks, precast terrazzo
26730302*Pliofilm bags: made from purchased materials
22111303*Plisse crepe, cotton
22610101*Plisse printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics
22620104*Plisse printing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
35770101*Plotters, computer
38290307*Plotting instruments, drafting and map reading
07119903*Plowing services
35240103*Plows (garden tractor equipment)
35230202*Plows, agricultural: disc, moldboard, chisel, listers, etc.
35320407*Plows, coal
35310810*Plows: construction, excavating, and grading
36430305*Plugs, electric
24991504*Plugs, wood
01759908*Plum orchard
38290308*Plumb bobs
32950213*Plumbago: ground, refined, or blended
50740303*Plumbers' brass goods and fittings
34329904*Plumbers' brass goods: drain cocks, faucets, spigots, etc.
34239921*Plumbers' hand tools
30691505*Plumbers' rubber goods
50740000*Plumbing and heating equipment and supplies (hydronics)
59999916*Plumbing and heating supplies
50740304*Plumbing and heating valves
34949901*Plumbing and heating valves
5074*Plumbing and Hydronic Heating Supplies
507400*Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies
507499*Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies, nec
50749900*Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies, nec
171102*Plumbing contractors
17110200*Plumbing contractors
507403*Plumbing fittings and supplies
50740300*Plumbing fittings and supplies
34320000*Plumbing fixture fittings and trim
3432*Plumbing Fixture Fittings and Trim
343200*Plumbing fixture fittings and trim
343299*Plumbing fixture fittings and trim, nec
34329900*Plumbing fixture fittings and trim, nec
34639908*Plumbing fixture forgings, nonferrous
326102*Plumbing fixtures, vitreous china
32610200*Plumbing fixtures, vitreous china
34319903*Plumbing fixtures: enameled iron, cast iron,or pressed metal
17110000*Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning
1711*Plumbing, Heating, Air-conditioning
171100*Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning
171199*Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, nec
17119900*Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, nec
22110400*Plushes and piles, broadwoven cotton: including flannels
221104*Plushes and piles, broadwoven cotton: including flannels
222108*Plushes and piles, broadwoven fabrics
22210800*Plushes and piles, broadwoven fabrics
22110407*Plushes, cotton
22210803*Plushes, manmade fiber and silk
24359903*Plywood, hardwood or hardwood faced
24369902*Plywood, softwood
38220203*Pneumatic relays, air-conditioning type
30110200*Pneumatic tires, all types
301102*Pneumatic tires, all types
50840907*Pneumatic tools and equipment
35350103*Pneumatic tube conveyor systems
76991903*Pocketbook repair shop
22110512*Pocketing twill, cotton
86990203*Poetry association
35410210*Pointing and burring machines
23719904*Pointing furs
35780104*Point-of-sale devices
39440313*Poker chips
38260108*Polarigraphic equipment
24110205*Pole cutting contractors
36449903*Pole line hardware
50630102*Pole line hardware
34629910*Pole line hardware forgings, ferrous
34639909*Pole line hardware forgings, nonferrous
24910104*Poles and pole crossarms, treated wood
32720311*Poles and posts, concrete
24910100*Poles, posts and pilings: treated wood
249101*Poles, posts and pilings: treated wood
241102*Poles, posts, and pilings: untreated wood
24110200*Poles, posts, and pilings: untreated wood
24990807*Poles, wood
24110206*Poles, wood: untreated
23530103*Police hats and caps
9221*Police Protection
922100*Police protection
92210000*Police protection
92210403*Police protection, County government
92210401*Police protection, Federal government
92210100*Police protection, interstate and federal
922101*Police protection, interstate and federal
922104*Police protection, level of government
92210400*Police protection, level of government
92210404*Police protection, Local government
92210200*Police protection, regional
922102*Police protection, regional
92210402*Police protection, State government
59999917*Police supply stores
24991404*Policemen's clubs, wood
23110303*Policemen's uniforms: made from purchased materials
64110105*Policyholders' consulting service
20449909*Polished rice
28420000*Polishes and sanitation goods
2842*Polishes and Sanitation Goods
284200*Polishes and sanitation goods
284299*Polishes and sanitation goods, nec
28429900*Polishes and sanitation goods, nec
51691105*Polishes, nec
23920503*Polishing cloths, plain
22990210*Polishing felts
28420200*Polishing preparations and related products
284202*Polishing preparations and related products
32910402*Polishing wheels
34710207*Polishing, metals or formed products
86519901*Political action committee
86519902*Political campaign organization
86519903*Political club
86519904*Political fundraising
86510000*Political organizations
8651*Political Organizations
865100*Political organizations
865199*Political organizations, nec
86519900*Political organizations, nec
09129908*Pollack, catching of
07210409*Pollinating services
87110101*Pollution control engineering
17969906*Pollution control equipment installation
50840706*Pollution control equipment, air (environmental)
50840707*Pollution control equipment, water (environmental)
87340300*Pollution testing
873403*Pollution testing
79970403*Polo club, membership
39491203*Polo equipment and supplies, general
23210201*Polo shirts, men's and boys': made from purchased materials
28210206*Polycarbonate resins
22210406*Polyester broadwoven fabrics
28249909*Polyester fibers
22820204*Polyester filament yarn: throwing, twisting, winding, etc.
22840102*Polyester thread
22810207*Polyester yarn, spun: made from purchased staple
22210407*Polyethylene broadwoven fabrics
30810103*Polyethylene film
28210207*Polyethylene resins
28229909*Polyethylene, chlorosulfonated, hypalon
38299925*Polygraph devices
28690313*Polyhydric alcohol esters, aminos, etc.
28210105*Polyimides (skybond, kaplon)
28210208*Polymethyl methacrylate resins, plexiglass
28210209*Polyoxymethylene resins
22210408*Polypropylene broadwoven fabrics
22820205*Polypropylene filament yarn: twisting, winding, etc.
30810104*Polypropylene film and sheet
28210210*Polypropylene resins
22810208*Polypropylene yarn, spun: made from purchased staple
28210211*Polystyrene resins
28229910*Polysulfides, thiokol
28210213*Polytetrafluoroethylene resins, teflon
28510208*Polyurethane coatings
51690801*Polyurethane products
28210106*Polyurethane resins
28210214*Polyvinyl butyral resins
28210215*Polyvinyl chloride resins, PVC
28249910*Polyvinyl ester fibers
30810105*Polyvinyl film and sheet
28249911*Polyvinylidene chloride fibers
28210216*Polyvinylidene chloride resins
01759909*Pomegranate orchard
16290112*Pond construction
22110811*Pongee, cotton
22210306*Pongee, manmade fiber and silk
37280112*Pontoons, aircraft
37329904*Pontoons, except aircraft and inflatable
30890504*Pontoons, nonrigid: plastics
30699913*Pontoons, rubber
02729905*Pony farm
59419906*Pool and billiard tables
79990403*Pool parlor
51450203*Popcorn and supplies
20649918*Popcorn balls or other treated popcorn products
01199901*Popcorn farm
35890105*Popcorn machines, commercial
36340114*Popcorn poppers, electric: household
20960201*Popcorn, already popped (except candy covered)
54419905*Popcorn, including caramel corn
20999914*Popcorn, packaged: except already popped
22110513*Poplin, cotton
22210702*Poplin, manmade fiber
79290110*Popular music groups or artists
75190103*Pop-up camper rental
50120304*Pop-up campers
32640000*Porcelain electrical supplies
3264*Porcelain Electrical Supplies
326400*Porcelain electrical supplies
326499*Porcelain electrical supplies, nec
32649900*Porcelain electrical supplies, nec
346903*Porcelain enameled products and utensils
34690300*Porcelain enameled products and utensils
32649906*Porcelain parts for electrical devices, molded
24310701*Porch columns, wood
25110703*Porch furniture and swings: wood
25910301*Porch shades, wood slat
25140605*Porch swings: metal
24310702*Porch work, wood
20110200*Pork products, from pork slaughtered on site
201102*Pork products, from pork slaughtered on site
20969903*Pork rinds
20130208*Pork, cured: from purchased meat
20130209*Pork, pickled: from purchased meat
20130210*Pork, salted: from purchased meat
20130211*Pork, smoked: from purchased meat
96210302*Port authority or district: government, nonoperating
34319904*Portable chemical toilets, metal
73599904*Portable toilet rental
20829905*Porter (alcoholic beverage)
72991104*Porter service
32419903*Portland cement
72999908*Portrait copying
38450117*Position emission tomography (PET scanner)
38120124*Position indicators for aircraft equipment
36259913*Positioning controls, electric
38240108*Positive displacement meters
27540304*Post cards, picture: gravure printing
27520404*Post cards, picture: lithographed
27590202*Post cards, picture: printing, nsk
17999926*Post disaster renovations
15420404*Post office construction
73891604*Post office contract stations
35790108*Postage meters
254201*Postal lock boxes, mail racks, and related products
25420100*Postal lock boxes, mail racks, and related products
73199903*Poster advertising service, except outdoor
73129902*Poster advertising, outdoor
26210500*Poster and art papers
262105*Poster and art papers
275908*Poster and decal printing and engraving
27590800*Poster and decal printing and engraving
27520600*Poster and decal printing, lithographic
275206*Poster and decal printing, lithographic
26210504*Poster paper
51991000*Posters and decals
519910*Posters and decals
27590802*Posters, including billboards: printing, nsk
27520602*Posters, lithographed
27549914*Posters: gravure printing
27410103*Posters: publishing and printing
27410104*Posters: publishing only, not printed on site
35310705*Posthole diggers, powered
17999927*Posthole digging
39530105*Postmark stamps, hand: rubber or metal
24910105*Posts, treated wood
24110207*Posts, wood: hewn, round, or split
20260207*Pot cheese
28190501*Potash alum
14749903*Potash mining
14740000*Potash, soda, and borate minerals
1474*Potash, Soda, and Borate Minerals
147400*Potash, soda, and borate minerals
147499*Potash, soda, and borate minerals, nec
14749900*Potash, soda, and borate minerals, nec
28120103*Potassium carbonate
28190404*Potassium chloride and cyanide
28190403*Potassium compounds or salts, except hydroxide or carbonate
28190405*Potassium nitrate and sulfate
42219902*Potato cellars
51450204*Potato chips
20960100*Potato chips and other potato-based snacks
209601*Potato chips and other potato-based snacks
2096*Potato Chips and Similar Snacks
209600*Potato chips and similar snacks
20960000*Potato chips and similar snacks
20969900*Potato chips and similar snacks, nec
209699*Potato chips and similar snacks, nec
07230302*Potato curing services
35230114*Potato diggers, harvesters, and planters
24990905*Potato mashers, wood
35560211*Potato peelers, electric
34210105*Potato peelers, hand
20340301*Potato products, dried and dehydrated
20370103*Potato products, quick frozen and cold pack
20460106*Potato starch
20960101*Potato sticks
20990803*Potatoes, dried: packaged with other ingredients
51480201*Potatoes, fresh
07229901*Potatoes, machine harvesting services
20999915*Potatoes, peeled for the trade
38250319*Potentiometric instruments, except industrial process type
38239908*Potentiometric self-balancing inst., except X-Y plotters
34430404*Pots: annealing, melting, or smelting
20139912*Potted meats, from purchased meat
32690100*Pottery cooking and kitchen articles
326901*Pottery cooking and kitchen articles
326905*Pottery florists' articles
32690500*Pottery florists' articles
32690400*Pottery household articles, except kitchen articles
326904*Pottery household articles, except kitchen articles
35599924*Pottery making machinery
3269*Pottery Products, Nec
326900*Pottery products, nec
32690000*Pottery products, nec
32699900*Pottery products, nec, nec
326999*Pottery products, nec, nec
28759902*Potting soil, mixed
02590000*Poultry and eggs, nec
0259*Poultry and Eggs, Nec
025900*Poultry and eggs, nec
025999*Poultry and eggs, nec, nec
02599900*Poultry and eggs, nec, nec
508301*Poultry and livestock equipment
50830100*Poultry and livestock equipment
51440000*Poultry and poultry products
5144*Poultry and Poultry Products
514400*Poultry and poultry products
514499*Poultry and poultry products, nec
51449900*Poultry and poultry products, nec
35230415*Poultry brooders, feeders and waterers
07510201*Poultry catching services
07510202*Poultry coop cleaning services
50830102*Poultry equipment
20480108*Poultry feeds
02540000*Poultry hatcheries
0254*Poultry Hatcheries
025400*Poultry hatcheries
025499*Poultry hatcheries, nec
02549900*Poultry hatcheries, nec
51420204*Poultry pies, frozen
35560503*Poultry processing machinery
51449903*Poultry products, nec
201509*Poultry sausage, luncheon meats, and other poultry products
20150900*Poultry sausage, luncheon meats, and other poultry products
07510200*Poultry services
075102*Poultry services
2015*Poultry Slaughtering and Processing
201500*Poultry slaughtering and processing
201506*Poultry slaughtering and processing
20150000*Poultry slaughtering and processing
20150600*Poultry slaughtering and processing
51420205*Poultry, frozen: packaged
20150601*Poultry, processed, nsk
20150602*Poultry, processed: canned
20150603*Poultry, processed: cooked
20150604*Poultry, processed: fresh
20150605*Poultry, processed: frozen
20150606*Poultry, processed: smoked
20150607*Poultry, processed: spiced
20150608*Poultry, slaughtered and dressed
51449904*Poultry: live, dressed or frozen (unpackaged)
23999909*Powder puffs and mitts
33990105*Powder, metal
28449904*Powder: baby, face, talcum, or toilet
20230104*Powdered baby formula
20230308*Powdered buttermilk
20610104*Powdered cane sugar
20629905*Powdered cane sugar, from purchased raw sugar or syrup
20660203*Powdered cocoa
20230309*Powdered cream
20230310*Powdered milk
20230311*Powdered skim milk
20630105*Powdered sugar, from sugar beets
20230312*Powdered whey
20870207*Powders, drink
20879906*Powders, flavoring (except drink)
39520114*Powders, gold or bronze: artists'
28349907*Powders, pharmaceutical
36120100*Power and distribution transformers
361201*Power and distribution transformers
361301*Power circuit breakers
36130100*Power circuit breakers
36130208*Power connectors, electric
36290105*Power conversion units, a.c. to d.c.: static-electric
17969907*Power generating equipment installation
36210110*Power generators
50720301*Power handtools
72110000*Power laundries, family and commercial
7211*Power Laundries, Family and Commercial
721100*Power laundries, family and commercial
721199*Power laundries, family and commercial, nec
72119900*Power laundries, family and commercial, nec
36439907*Power line cable
38250320*Power measuring equipment, electrical
36430100*Power outlets and sockets
364301*Power outlets and sockets
16299905*Power plant construction
50849907*Power plant machinery
50829907*Power shovels
37140602*Power steering equipment, motor vehicle
36790303*Power supplies, all types: static
36130209*Power switching equipment
76992302*Power tool repair
50720300*Power tools and accessories
507203*Power tools and accessories
36120109*Power transformers, electric
508509*Power transmission equipment and apparatus
50850900*Power transmission equipment and apparatus
50630103*Power transmission equipment, electric
37140209*Power transmission equipment, motor vehicle
35680000*Power transmission equipment, nec
3568*Power Transmission Equipment, Nec
356800*Power transmission equipment, nec
356899*Power transmission equipment, nec, nec
35689900*Power transmission equipment, nec, nec
50630305*Power wire and cable
3612*Power, Distribution and Specialty Transformers
361200*Power, distribution and specialty transformers
361299*Power, distribution and specialty transformers, nec
354600*Power-driven handtools
3546*Power-driven Handtools
35460000*Power-driven handtools
35469900*Power-driven handtools, nec
354699*Power-driven handtools, nec
753902*Powertrain components repair services
75390200*Powertrain components repair services
32419904*Pozzolana cement
14999913*Pozzolana mining
82490302*Practical nursing school
17919907*Precast concrete structural framing or panels, placing of
327203*Precast terrazo or concrete products
32720300*Precast terrazzo or concrete products
391104*Precious metal cases
39110400*Precious metal cases
50940103*Precious metal mill shapes
50940104*Precious metals
335602*Precious metals
333902*Precious metals
33560200*Precious metals
33390200*Precious metals
50940105*Precious stones (gems), nec
50940100*Precious stones and metals
509401*Precious stones and metals
14990106*Precious stones mining, nec
35640106*Precipitators, electrostatic
76990107*Precision instrument repair
35450100*Precision measuring tools
354501*Precision measuring tools
349501*Precision springs
34950100*Precision springs
50490105*Precision tools
35450107*Precision tools, machinists'
47419903*Precooling of fruits and vegetables before transport
38240208*Predetermining counters
15419908*Prefabricated building erection, industrial
521104*Prefabricated buildings
50390103*Prefabricated buildings
52110400*Prefabricated buildings
24529906*Prefabricated buildings, wood
17990612*Prefabricated fireplace installation
34480100*Prefabricated metal buildings
3448*Prefabricated Metal Buildings
344801*Prefabricated metal buildings
344800*Prefabricated metal buildings and components
34480000*Prefabricated metal buildings and components
34489900*Prefabricated metal buildings, nec
344899*Prefabricated metal buildings, nec
344802*Prefabricated metal components
34480200*Prefabricated metal components
30890323*Prefabricated plastics buildings
15219902*Prefabricated single-family house erection
503901*Prefabricated structures
50390100*Prefabricated structures
2452*Prefabricated Wood Buildings
245200*Prefabricated wood buildings
24520000*Prefabricated wood buildings
24529900*Prefabricated wood buildings, nec
245299*Prefabricated wood buildings, nec
28359910*Pregnancy test kits
94319909*Prenatal (maternity) health program administration, govt.
82999912*Prenatal instruction
73720000*Prepackaged software
7372*Prepackaged Software
737200*Prepackaged software
737299*Prepackaged software, nec
73729900*Prepackaged software, nec
39999930*Preparation of slides and exhibits
12310101*Preparation plants, anthracite
82110204*Preparatory school
20130100*Prepared beef products, from purchased beef
201301*Prepared beef products, from purchased beef
2048*Prepared Feeds, Nec
204800*Prepared feeds, nec
20480000*Prepared feeds, nec
20489900*Prepared feeds, nec, nec
204899*Prepared feeds, nec, nec
209202*Prepared fish or other seafood cakes and sticks
20920200*Prepared fish or other seafood cakes and sticks
20450000*Prepared flour mixes and doughs
2045*Prepared Flour Mixes and Doughs
204500*Prepared flour mixes and doughs
201302*Prepared pork products, from purchased pork
20130200*Prepared pork products, from purchased pork
12410203*Preparing shafts or tunnels, anthracite mining
12410204*Preparing shafts or tunnels, bituminous or lignite mining
10810103*Preparing shafts or tunnels, metal mining
22990603*Preparing textile fibers for spinning (scouring and combing)
36520000*Prerecorded records and tapes
3652*Prerecorded Records and Tapes
365200*Prerecorded records and tapes
365299*Prerecorded records and tapes, nec
36529900*Prerecorded records and tapes, nec
86610125*Presbyterian Church
83519905*Preschool center
20330204*Preserves, including imitation: in cans, jars, etc.
24919903*Preserving (creosoting) of wood
22610206*Preshrinking cotton fabrics
22310205*Preshrinking wool broadwoven fabrics
22620205*Preshrinking: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
91110102*Presidents' office
73891605*Presorted mail service
35420203*Press brakes
73899939*Press clipping service
22110812*Press cloth
73839906*Press service
32290000*Pressed and blown glass, nec
3229*Pressed and Blown Glass, Nec
322900*Pressed and blown glass, nec
262110*Pressed and molded pulp and fiber products
26211000*Pressed and molded pulp and fiber products
51139906*Pressed and molded pulp goods
26799906*Pressed and molded pulp products, nec: purchased material
26790100*Pressed fiber and molded pulp products, except food products
267901*Pressed fiber and molded pulp products, except food products
26799907*Pressed fiber products from wood pulp: from purchased goods
26211004*Pressed pulp products
22990211*Pressed wool felts
35539911*Presses for making particleboard, hardboard, plywood, etc.
35550101*Presses, envelope, printing
35560212*Presses, food: cheese, beet, cider, and sugarcane
35550102*Presses, gravure
35420204*Presses: forming, stamping, punching, sizing (machine tools)
35420205*Presses: hydraulic and pneumatic, mechanical and manual
35420200*Pressing machines
354202*Pressing machines
35829904*Pressing machines, commercial laundry and drycleaning
38290110*Pressure and vacuum indicators, aircraft engine
38220104*Pressure controllers, air-conditioning system type
34699912*Pressure cookers, stamped or drawn metal
35890106*Pressure cookers, steam: commercial
38230203*Pressure gauges, dial and digital
38230200*Pressure measurement instruments, industrial
382302*Pressure measurement instruments, industrial
33210101*Pressure pipe and fittings, cast iron
32920503*Pressure pipe, asbestos cement
32720609*Pressure pipe, reinforced concrete
51139907*Pressure sensitive tape
38299913*Pressure transducers
34919905*Pressure valves and regulators, industrial
34430506*Pressurizers or auxiliary equipment, nuclear: metal plate
32729904*Prestressed concrete products
96519905*Price control agency, government
50469906*Price marking equipment and supplies
33340000*Primary aluminum
3334*Primary Aluminum
333400*Primary aluminum
333499*Primary aluminum, nec
33349900*Primary aluminum, nec
3692*Primary Batteries, Dry and Wet
369200*Primary batteries, dry and wet
36920000*Primary batteries, dry and wet
36929900*Primary batteries, dry and wet, nec
369299*Primary batteries, dry and wet, nec
80110205*Primary care medical clinic
3331*Primary Copper
333100*Primary copper
33310000*Primary copper
33310100*Primary copper smelter products
333101*Primary copper smelter products
38230307*Primary elements for process flow measurement
289201*Primary explosives, fuses and detonators
28920100*Primary explosives, fuses and detonators
33120300*Primary finished or semifinished shapes
331203*Primary finished or semifinished shapes
33*Primary Metal Industries
3399*Primary Metal Products
339900*Primary metal products
33990000*Primary metal products
33999900*Primary metal products, nec
339999*Primary metal products, nec
3339*Primary Nonferrous Metals, Nec
333900*Primary nonferrous metals, nec
33390000*Primary nonferrous metals, nec
33399900*Primary nonferrous metals, nec, nec
333999*Primary nonferrous metals, nec, nec
38229913*Primary oil burner controls, including stack or cadmium cell
354701*Primary rolling mill equipment
35470100*Primary rolling mill equipment
39559902*Print cartridges for laser and other computer printers
22119919*Print cloths, cotton
36720000*Printed circuit boards
367200*Printed circuit boards
3672*Printed Circuit Boards
367299*Printed circuit boards, nec
36729900*Printed circuit boards, nec
73899940*Printed circuitry graphic layout
73130200*Printed media advertising representatives
731302*Printed media advertising representatives
357701*Printers and plotters
35770100*Printers and plotters
57340102*Printers and plotters: computers
30691301*Printers' rolls and blankets: rubber or rubberized fabric
73899962*Printers' services: folding, collating, etc.
50450103*Printers, computer
35770102*Printers, computer
23960401*Printing and embossing on plastics fabric articles
5111*Printing and Writing Paper
511100*Printing and writing paper
51110000*Printing and writing paper
51119900*Printing and writing paper, nec
511199*Printing and writing paper, nec
50430103*Printing apparatus, photographic
73891706*Printing broker
39539905*Printing dies, rubber or plastic, for marking machines
38610206*Printing equipment, photographic
39999931*Printing eyeglass frames
38610401*Printing frames, photographic
2893*Printing Ink
289300*Printing ink
28930000*Printing ink
28939900*Printing ink, nec
289399*Printing ink, nec
35520308*Printing machinery, textile
226101*Printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics
22610100*Printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics
22690100*Printing of narrow fabrics
226901*Printing of narrow fabrics
26210406*Printing paper
51119902*Printing paper
35550200*Printing plates
355502*Printing plates
355501*Printing presses
35550100*Printing presses
35550300*Printing trade parts and attachments
355503*Printing trade parts and attachments
3555*Printing Trades Machinery
355500*Printing trades machinery
35550000*Printing trades machinery
76992208*Printing trades machinery and equipment repair
50849908*Printing trades machinery, equipment, and supplies
35559900*Printing trades machinery, nec
355599*Printing trades machinery, nec
226201*Printing, manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
22620100*Printing, manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
27*Printing, Publishing and Allied Industries
38279918*Prisms, optical
92239906*Prison farm, government
92239907*Prison, government
82110205*Private combined elementary and secondary school
82110200*Private elementary and secondary schools
821102*Private elementary and secondary schools
82110206*Private elementary school
67330100*Private estate, personal investment and vacation fund trusts
673301*Private estate, personal investment and vacation fund trusts
88110000*Private households
88119900*Private households, nec
73810204*Private investigator
82110207*Private junior high school
82110208*Private senior high school
82110209*Private special education school
82110210*Private vocational/technical school
83220404*Probation office
38410414*Probes, surgical
28340203*Procaine pharmaceutical preparations
3823*Process Control Instruments
382300*Process control instruments
38230000*Process control instruments
38239900*Process control instruments, nec
382399*Process control instruments, nec
34910101*Process control regulator valves
17110402*Process piping contractor
73891309*Process serving service
34430115*Process vessels, industrial: metal plate
20230105*Processed baby formula
20229903*Processed cheese
508409*Processing and packaging equipment
50840900*Processing and packaging equipment
284303*Processing assistants
28430300*Processing assistants
38610207*Processing equipment, photographic
13899914*Processing service, gas
87340202*Product certification, safety or performance
73899964*Product endorsement service
81110213*Product liability law
73899941*Product sterilization service
87340200*Product testing laboratories
873402*Product testing laboratories
87340203*Product testing laboratory, safety or performance
38240209*Production counters
61590104*Production credit association, agricultural
87429906*Productivity improvement consultant
3231*Products of Purchased Glass
323100*Products of purchased glass
32310000*Products of purchased glass
32319900*Products of purchased glass, nec
323199*Products of purchased glass, nec
794101*Professional and semi-professional sports clubs
79410100*Professional and semi-professional sports clubs
79110204*Professional dancing school
87119909*Professional engineer
50490000*Professional equipment, nec
5049*Professional Equipment, Nec
504900*Professional equipment, nec
504999*Professional equipment, nec, nec
50499900*Professional equipment, nec, nec
86990103*Professional golf association
76990100*Professional instrument repair services
769901*Professional instrument repair services
8621*Professional Organizations
862100*Professional organizations
86210000*Professional organizations
86219900*Professional organizations, nec
862199*Professional organizations, nec
822102*Professional schools
82210200*Professional schools
86219906*Professional standards review board
64119908*Professional standards services, insurance
87420205*Programmed instruction service
38230415*Programmers, process type
50430303*Projection apparatus, motion picture and slide
38619903*Projectors, still or motion picture, silent or sound
34899903*Projectors: depth charge, grenade, rocket, etc.
73890308*Promoters of shows and exhibitions
87439902*Promotion service
275903*Promotional printing
27590300*Promotional printing
27540600*Promotional printing, gravure
275406*Promotional printing, gravure
275202*Promotional printing, lithographic
27520200*Promotional printing, lithographic
73389902*Proofreading service
17999934*Prop, set or scenery construction, theatrical
13219910*Propane (natural) production
50849909*Propane conversion equipment
37140121*Propane conversion equipment, motor vehicle
73599905*Propane equipment rental
59849903*Propane gas, bottled
37280208*Propeller aligning tables
35499904*Propeller straightening presses
38240109*Propeller type meters with registers
35999913*Propellers, ship and boat: machined
33660201*Propellers, ship, nsk
33660202*Propellers, ship: cast brass
33660203*Propellers, ship: cast bronze
33660204*Propellers, ship: cast copper or copper-base alloy
64110305*Property and casualty insurance agent
63319907*Property damage insurance
65120300*Property operation, auditoriums and theaters
651203*Property operation, auditoriums and theaters
651204*Property operation, piers and docks
65120400*Property operation, piers and docks
65120200*Property operation, retail establishment
651202*Property operation, retail establishment
93110102*Property tax assessors' office
59129902*Proprietary (non-prescription medicine) stores
51220309*Proprietary (patent) medicines, nec
28349908*Proprietary drug products
48130203*Proprietary online service networks
37649903*Propulsion units for guided missiles and space vehicles
28690202*Propylene, butylene
922201*Prosecuting parties
92220100*Prosecuting parties
38420300*Prosthetic appliances
384203*Prosthetic appliances
62890100*Protective committees
628901*Protective committees
73829903*Protective devices, security
38510200*Protective eyeware
385102*Protective eyeware
302101*Protective footwear, rubber or plastic
30210100*Protective footwear, rubber or plastic
17999941*Protective lining installation, underground (sewage, etc.)
73810104*Protective services, guard
39490700*Protective sporting equipment
394907*Protective sporting equipment
38510203*Protectors, eye
39490706*Protectors: baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.
38260403*Protein analyzers, laboratory type
28249912*Protein fibers
28210406*Protein plastics
01759910*Prune orchard
20340208*Prunes, dried
07830103*Pruning services, ornamental bush
07830104*Pruning services, ornamental tree
10610202*Psilomelane mining
80110401*Psychiatric clinic
80630000*Psychiatric hospitals
8063*Psychiatric Hospitals
806300*Psychiatric hospitals
806399*Psychiatric hospitals, nec
80639900*Psychiatric hospitals, nec
80490403*Psychiatric social worker
80110400*Psychiatrists and psychoanalysts
801104*Psychiatrists and psychoanalysts
89991003*Psychological consultant
80490400*Psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotist
804904*Psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotist
80490404*Psychotherapist, except M.D.
50650207*Public address equipment
76220103*Public address system repair
36510115*Public address systems
82110301*Public adult education school
2531*Public Building and Related Furniture
253100*Public building and related furniture
25310000*Public building and related furniture
25319900*Public building and related furniture, nec
253199*Public building and related furniture, nec
50210107*Public building furniture, nec
82110302*Public combined elementary and secondary school
92220202*Public defenders' office
82110300*Public elementary and secondary schools
821103*Public elementary and secondary schools
82110303*Public elementary school
931102*Public finance and monetary policy
93110200*Public finance and monetary policy
93*Public Finance, Taxation and Monetary Policy
7992*Public Golf Courses
799200*Public golf courses
79920000*Public golf courses
94319910*Public health agency administration, government
82110304*Public junior high school
82310304*Public library
36480108*Public lighting fixtures
922901*Public order and safety statistics centers
92290100*Public order and safety statistics centers
92290403*Public order and safety, County government
92290401*Public order and safety, Federal government
92290400*Public order and safety, level of government
922904*Public order and safety, level of government
92290404*Public order and safety, Local government
92290000*Public order and safety, nec
9229*Public Order and Safety, Nec
922900*Public order and safety, nec
922999*Public order and safety, nec, nec
92299900*Public order and safety, nec, nec
92290402*Public order and safety, State government
92220103*Public prosecutors' office
87439903*Public relations and publicity
87430000*Public relations services
8743*Public Relations Services
874300*Public relations services
874399*Public relations services, nec
87439900*Public relations services, nec
92299903*Public safety bureau, government
92290103*Public safety statistics center, government
82110305*Public senior high school
96319906*Public service commission, except transportation: govt.
82990503*Public speaking school
82110306*Public special education school
73380202*Public stenographers
87420405*Public utilities consultant
86110104*Public utility association
96319907*Public utility commission, government
67199903*Public utility holding companies
82110307*Public vocational/technical school
94410101*Public welfare administration: nonoperating, government
83220606*Public welfare center
275904*Publication printing
27590400*Publication printing
27540500*Publication printing, gravure
275405*Publication printing, gravure
275209*Publication printing, lithographic
27520900*Publication printing, lithographic
73729906*Publisher's computer software
87489908*Publishing consultant
20240202*Pudding pops, frozen
20329903*Puddings, except meat: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20139913*Puddings, meat, from purchased meat
34290403*Pulleys, metal
35689904*Pulleys, power transmission
24991204*Pulleys, wood
80110109*Pulmonary specialist, physician/surgeon
50840303*Pulp (wood) manufacturing machinery
26119901*Pulp made from rags, bagassse, hemp, or other fiber base
26110302*Pulp manufactured from waste or recycled paper
35549907*Pulp mill machinery
2611*Pulp Mills
261100*Pulp mills
26110000*Pulp mills
26110100*Pulp mills, chemical and semichemical processing
261101*Pulp mills, chemical and semichemical processing
261102*Pulp mills, dissolving pulp processing
26110200*Pulp mills, dissolving pulp processing
26110300*Pulp mills, mechanical and recycling processing
261103*Pulp mills, mechanical and recycling processing
261199*Pulp mills, nec
26119900*Pulp mills, nec
26119902*Pulp produced from non-wood fiber base, nec
26119903*Pulp produced from wood base, nec
14999914*Pulpstone quarrying
24110302*Pulpwood camp not operating a pulp mill at same site
24110303*Pulpwood contractors engaged in cutting
38250220*Pulse (signal) generators
36999911*Pulse amplifiers
38290509*Pulse analyzers, nuclear monitoring
36790107*Pulse forming networks
36990110*Pulsed electron guns
32950214*Pulverized earth
20480109*Pulverized oats, prepared as animal feed
35320304*Pulverizers (stationary), stone
50840908*Pulverizing machinery and equipment
32910203*Pumice and pumicite abrasive
14990404*Pumice mining
32950215*Pumice, ground or otherwise treated
34620201*Pump and compressor forgings, ferrous
34630102*Pump and compressor forgings, nonferrous
35999914*Pump governors, for gas machines
35610101*Pump jacks and other pumping equipment
30699914*Pump sleeves, rubber
34620200*Pump, compressor, and turbine forgings
346202*Pump, compressor, and turbine forgings
346301*Pump, compressor, turbine, and engine forgings, except auto
34630100*Pump, compressor, turbine, and engine forgings, except auto
13899915*Pumping of oil and gas wells
14819903*Pumping or draining, nonmetallic mineral mines
16239905*Pumping station construction
01619909*Pumpkin farm
35610000*Pumps and pumping equipment
3561*Pumps and Pumping Equipment
356100*Pumps and pumping equipment
52519903*Pumps and pumping equipment
76992209*Pumps and pumping equipment repair
50840805*Pumps and pumping equipment, nec
356199*Pumps and pumping equipment, nec
35619900*Pumps and pumping equipment, nec
37249911*Pumps, aircraft engine
35619903*Pumps, domestic: water or sump
35940101*Pumps, hydraulic power transfer
35940102*Pumps, hydraulic, aircraft
50130115*Pumps, oil and gas
35610102*Pumps, oil well and field
37280209*Pumps, propeller feathering
35770401*Punch card equipment: readers, tabulators, sorters, etc.
22990212*Punched felts
35449903*Punches, forming and stamping
35420102*Punching and shearing machines
35420100*Punching, shearing, and bending machines
354201*Punching, shearing, and bending machines
39990813*Puppets and marionettes
61539904*Purchase and sale of trust deeds
61530202*Purchasers of accounts receivable and commercial paper
91990103*Purchasing agency, government
73899942*Purchasing service
356401*Purification and dust collection equipment
35640100*Purification and dust collection equipment
34460404*Purlins, light gauge steel
31719902*Purses, women's
39910101*Push brooms
37990400*Pushcarts and wheelbarrows
379904*Pushcarts and wheelbarrows
28510300*Putty, wood fillers and sealers
285103*Putty, wood fillers and sealers
28790108*Pyrethrin concentrates and preparations
14790200*Pyrites mining
39520215*Pyrography materials
10610203*Pyrolusite mining
32970304*Pyrolytic graphite
32690206*Pyrometer tubes
38230101*Pyrometers, industrial process type
14990501*Pyrophyllite mining
32950106*Pyrophyllite, ground or otherwise treated
28990407*Pyrotechnic ammunition: flares, signals, rockets, etc.
34849905*Pyrotechnic pistols and projectors
22950105*Pyroxylin coated fabrics
14790202*Pyrrhotite mining
02599905*Quail farm
87420107*Quality assurance consultant
32530102*Quarry tile, clay
50820405*Quarrying machinery and equipment
14999915*Quartz crystal (pure) mining
36790403*Quartz crystals, for electronic application
14299909*Quartzite, crushed and broken-quarrying
14119906*Quartzite, dimension-quarrying
22990107*Quilt fillings: curled hair, cotton waste, moss, hemp tow
23950101*Quilted fabrics or cloth
23950100*Quilting and quilting supplies
239501*Quilting and quilting supplies
72990801*Quilting for individuals
59490205*Quilting materials and supplies
23950102*Quilting: for the trade
01759911*Quince orchard
28330214*Quinine and derivatives
37289909*R and D by manuf., aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment
02719904*Rabbit farm
20150700*Rabbit slaughtering and processing
201507*Rabbit slaughtering and processing
20150701*Rabbit, processed, nsk
20150702*Rabbit, processed: canned
20150703*Rabbit, processed: cooked
20150704*Rabbit, processed: fresh
20150705*Rabbit, processed: frozen
20150706*Rabbit, slaughtered and dressed
79480102*Race car drivers
79480103*Race car owners
79480200*Race track operation
794802*Race track operation
794803*Racehorse care
79480300*Racehorse care
79480301*Racehorse training
73899943*Racetrack cleaning, except buildings
27419906*Racing forms and programs: publishing and printing
27419907*Racing forms and programs: publishing only, not printing
7948*Racing, Including Track Operation
794800*Racing, including track operation
79480000*Racing, including track operation
51379903*Rack merchandise jobbers
39490900*Racket sports equipment
394909*Racket sports equipment
39490903*Rackets and frames: tennis, badminton, squash, lacrosse, etc
25110504*Racks, book and magazine: wood
25420209*Racks, merchandise display or storage: except wood
02719905*Racoon farm
76990906*Racquet restringing and equipment repair
50919908*Racquet sports equipment and supplies
79970502*Racquetball club, membership
79990302*Racquetball club, non-membership
50659905*Radar detectors
48999903*Radar station operation
38120306*Radar systems and equipment
38250221*Radar testing instruments, electric
37319905*Radar towers, floating
35679911*Radiant heating systems, industrial process
87340102*Radiation dosimetry laboratory
87340100*Radiation laboratories
873401*Radiation laboratories
72180204*Radiation protective garment supply
367404*Radiation sensors
36740400*Radiation sensors
38420111*Radiation shielding aprons, gloves, sheeting, etc.
75390202*Radiator repair shop, automotive
34440511*Radiator shields or enclosures, sheet metal
50740210*Radiators and parts, except electric
37140122*Radiators and radiator shells and cores, motor vehicle
36340312*Radiators, electric
34330202*Radiators, except electric
35190205*Radiators, stationary engine
73130101*Radio advertising representative
36630000*Radio and t.v. communications equipment
3663*Radio and T.v. Communications Equipment
366300*Radio and t.v. communications equipment
366399*Radio and t.v. communications equipment, nec
36639900*Radio and t.v. communications equipment, nec
89990801*Radio and television announcing
50650400*Radio and television equipment and parts
506504*Radio and television equipment and parts
76220202*Radio and television receiver installation
76220000*Radio and television repair
762200*Radio and television repair
7622*Radio and Television Repair
36639907*Radio and television switching equipment
38250222*Radio apparatus analyzers, nec
36630100*Radio broadcasting and communications equipment
366301*Radio broadcasting and communications equipment
73891103*Radio broadcasting music checkers
48999904*Radio broadcasting operated by cab companies
48320000*Radio broadcasting stations
4832*Radio Broadcasting Stations
483200*Radio broadcasting stations
483202*Radio broadcasting stations, except music format
48320200*Radio broadcasting stations, except music format
48320100*Radio broadcasting stations, music format
483201*Radio broadcasting stations, music format
483299*Radio broadcasting stations, nec
25179902*Radio cabinets and cases, wood
25190303*Radio cabinets, plastic
89990802*Radio commentator
87480301*Radio consultant
38250321*Radio frequency measuring equipment
38129905*Radio magnetic instrumentation
34699913*Radio or television chassis, stamped metal
48129903*Radio pager (beeper) communication services
50650404*Radio parts and accessories, nec
79220402*Radio producers
36630109*Radio receiver networks
50650405*Radio receiving and transmitting tubes
36510116*Radio receiving sets
762202*Radio repair and installation
76220200*Radio repair and installation
76220203*Radio repair shop, nec
38250223*Radio set analyzers, electrical
48220203*Radio telegraph services
73891104*Radio transcription service
38250224*Radio tube checkers, electrical
57310000*Radio, television, and electronic stores
5731*Radio, Television, and Electronic Stores
573100*Radio, television, and electronic stores
573199*Radio, television, and electronic stores, nec
57319900*Radio, television, and electronic stores, nec
73130000*Radio, television, publisher representatives
7313*Radio, Television, Publisher Representatives
731300*Radio, television, publisher representatives
28359911*Radioactive diagnostic substances
49530103*Radioactive waste materials, disposal
38449908*Radiographic X-ray apparatus and tubes
50640202*Radios, motor vehicle
50640203*Radios, nec
57319906*Radios, receiver type
57319907*Radios, two-way, citizens band, weather, short-wave, etc.
48120000*Radiotelephone communication
4812*Radiotelephone Communication
481200*Radiotelephone communication
481299*Radiotelephone communication, nec
48129900*Radiotelephone communication, nec
38449909*Radium equipment
10949903*Radium ore mining, nec
28190608*Radium, luminous compounds
79991602*Rafting tours
36439905*Rail bonds, electric: for propulsion and signal circuits
33120401*Rail joints or fastenings
34460107*Railings, bannisters, guards, etc: made from metal pipe
34460108*Railings, prefabricated metal
24310502*Railings, stair: wood
16290202*Railroad and railway roadbed construction
16290200*Railroad and subway construction
162902*Railroad and subway construction
96219903*Railroad and warehouse commission, government
47419904*Railroad car cleaning, icing, ventilating, and heating
76992003*Railroad car customizing
35680103*Railroad car journal bearings
34419907*Railroad car racks, for transporting vehicles: steel
37430106*Railroad car rebuilding
47890402*Railroad car repair
33219906*Railroad car wheels and brake shoes, cast iron
33259903*Railroad car wheels, cast steel
24910202*Railroad cross bridges and switch ties, treated wood
33120402*Railroad crossings, steel or iron
24910203*Railroad cross-ties, treated wood
3743*Railroad Equipment
374300*Railroad equipment
37430000*Railroad equipment
50889903*Railroad equipment and supplies
37430100*Railroad equipment, except locomotives
374301*Railroad equipment, except locomotives
44829904*Railroad ferries
47319904*Railroad freight agency
37430304*Railroad locomotives and parts, electric or nonelectric
47890400*Railroad maintenance and repair services
478904*Railroad maintenance and repair services
39991104*Railroad models, except toy
39440315*Railroad models: toy and hobby
65170000*Railroad property lessors
6517*Railroad Property Lessors
651700*Railroad property lessors
353103*Railroad related equipment
35310300*Railroad related equipment
36690204*Railroad signaling devices, electric
40139903*Railroad switching
40139904*Railroad terminals
47290103*Railroad ticket offices
24210401*Railroad ties, sawed
28990408*Railroad torpedoes
35969906*Railroad track scales
40*Railroad Transportation
34620402*Railroad wheels, axles, frogs, or other equipment: forged
34620400*Railroad, construction, and mining forgings
346204*Railroad, construction, and mining forgings
4011*Railroads, Line-haul Operating
401100*Railroads, line-haul operating
40110000*Railroads, line-haul operating
40119900*Railroads, line-haul operating, nec
401199*Railroads, line-haul operating, nec
50510215*Rails and accessories
33519905*Rails, copper and copper alloy
24110208*Rails, fence: round or split
33120403*Rails, rerolled or renewed
33550401*Rails, rolled and drawn, aluminum
33120404*Rails, steel or iron
37430107*Railway maintenance cars
37430108*Railway motor cars
36210302*Railway motors and control equipment, electric
35310304*Railway track equipment
38290214*Rain gauges
23859905*Raincoats, except vulcanized rubber: purchased materials
35310811*Rakes, land clearing: mechanical
22990302*Ramie yarn, thread, roving, and textiles
32970305*Ramming mixes, nonclay
34480202*Ramps, prefabricated metal
36740209*Random access memory (RAM)
38610313*Range finders, photographic
37430202*Rapid transit cars and equipment
59320302*Rare books
10990400*Rare-earth ores mining
109904*Rare-earth ores mining
01719908*Raspberry farm
64119909*Ratemaking organizations, insurance
38120125*Rate-of-climb instrumentation
22111112*Ratine, cotton
36120312*Ratio transformers
25190204*Rattan furniture: padded or plain
24990702*Rattan ware, except furniture
02790303*Rattlesnake farm
20320209*Ravioli: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20610000*Raw cane sugar
20610105*Raw cane sugar
2061*Raw Cane Sugar
206100*Raw cane sugar
22310206*Raw stock dyeing and finishing of wool or similar fabric
22210409*Rayon broadwoven fabrics
51310115*Rayon fabrics
28239905*Rayon fibers, straw, strips and yarn
22419909*Rayon narrow fabrics
26110201*Rayon pulp
22840103*Rayon thread
22990701*Rayon tops, combing and converting
22820206*Rayon yarn, made from purchased filament: throwing, twisting
22810209*Rayon yarn, spun: made from purchased staple
51990407*Rayon yarns
09129909*Rays, catching of
51220201*Razor blades
34219901*Razor blades and razors
76290102*Razor repair, electric
31990304*Razor strops
36340509*Razors, electric
59999918*Razors, electric
51220202*Razors, nonelectric
34430507*Reactor containment vessels, metal plate
36120313*Reactor transformers
35770504*Readers, sorters, or inscribers, magnetic ink
829905*Reading and speaking schools
82990500*Reading and speaking schools
86990204*Reading room, religious materials
86990200*Reading rooms and other cultural organizations
869902*Reading rooms and other cultural organizations
82990504*Reading school, including speed reading
36740210*Read-only memory (ROM)
27599916*Ready prints
32730000*Ready-mixed concrete
3273*Ready-mixed Concrete
327300*Ready-mixed concrete
209907*Ready-to-eat meals, salads, and sandwiches
20990700*Ready-to-eat meals, salads, and sandwiches
56219902*Ready-to-wear apparel, women's
65*Real Estate
65310104*Real estate agent, commercial
65310105*Real estate agent, residential
65310000*Real estate agents and managers
6531*Real Estate Agents and Managers
653100*Real estate agents and managers
653199*Real estate agents and managers, nec
65319900*Real estate agents and managers, nec
82490202*Real estate and insurance school
86110304*Real estate board
65310100*Real estate brokers and agents
653101*Real estate brokers and agents
87420406*Real estate consultant
64110304*Real estate insurance agents
67980000*Real estate investment trusts
6798*Real Estate Investment Trusts
679800*Real estate investment trusts
679899*Real estate investment trusts, nec
67989900*Real estate investment trusts, nec
67999905*Real estate investors, except property operators
81110214*Real estate law
65310400*Real estate leasing and rentals
653104*Real estate leasing and rentals
653103*Real estate listing services
65310300*Real estate listing services
65310200*Real estate managers
653102*Real estate managers
63619902*Real estate title insurance
65190000*Real property lessors, nec
6519*Real Property Lessors, Nec
651900*Real property lessors, nec
651999*Real property lessors, nec, nec
65199900*Real property lessors, nec, nec
65539905*Real property subdividers and developers, cemetery lots only
67989902*Realty investment trusts
35450210*Reamers, machine tool
35410108*Reaming machines
37140210*Rear axle housings, motor vehicle
27890305*Rebinding books, magazines, or pamphlets
75349901*Rebuilding and retreading tires
50840406*Rebuilding and sale of oil field tool joints
37140123*Rebuilding engines and transmissions, factory basis
76940202*Rebuilding motors, except automotive
35429915*Rebuilt machine tools, metal forming types
50849910*Recapping machinery, for tires
27820402*Receipt books
27820400*Receipt, invoice, and memorandum books
278204*Receipt, invoice, and memorandum books
36630110*Receivers, radio communications
36639908*Receiver-transmitter units (transceiver)
50630213*Receptacles, electrical
34710108*Rechroming auto bumpers
63219904*Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges
63319908*Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges: fire, marine, casualty
63519905*Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges: surety, fidelity
30690606*Reclaimed rubber (reworked by manufacturing processes)
30690600*Reclaimed rubber and specialty rubber compounds
306906*Reclaimed rubber and specialty rubber compounds
33999903*Reclaiming ferrous metals from clay
25120103*Recliners: upholstered on wood frames
37110303*Reconnaissance cars, assembly of
2493*Reconstituted Wood Products
249300*Reconstituted wood products
24930000*Reconstituted wood products
24939900*Reconstituted wood products, nec
249399*Reconstituted wood products, nec
27820104*Record albums
5735*Record and Prerecorded Tape Stores
573500*Record and prerecorded tape stores
57350000*Record and prerecorded tape stores
59610303*Record and/or tape (music or video) club, mail order
39310307*Recorders (musical instruments)
38250322*Recorders, oscillographic
367902*Recording and playback apparatus, including phonograph
36790200*Recording and playback apparatus, including phonograph
36790203*Recording and playback heads, magnetic
36790204*Recording heads, speech and musical equipment
50840708*Recording instruments and accessories
36510117*Recording machines, except dictation and telephone answering
73891105*Recording studio, noncommercial records
57350200*Records, audio discs, and tapes
573502*Records, audio discs, and tapes
59329905*Records, secondhand
22990404*Recovering textile fibers from clippings and rags
33419911*Recovery and refining of nonferrous metals
12319902*Recovery of anthracite from culm banks
86419905*Recreation association
79999910*Recreation center
79999911*Recreation equipment rental
79999912*Recreation services
50120305*Recreation vehicles, all-terrain
75190104*Recreational bus leasing
70320100*Recreational camps
703201*Recreational camps
95129902*Recreational program administration, government
76990900*Recreational sporting equipment repair services
769909*Recreational sporting equipment repair services
37169901*Recreational van conversion (self-propelled), factory basis
5561*Recreational Vehicle Dealers
556100*Recreational vehicle dealers
55610000*Recreational vehicle dealers
55619900*Recreational vehicle dealers, nec
556199*Recreational vehicle dealers, nec
70339903*Recreational vehicle parks
55619902*Recreational vehicle parts and accessories
75190100*Recreational vehicle rental
751901*Recreational vehicle rental
769913*Recreational vehicle repair services
76991300*Recreational vehicle repair services
75389901*Recreational vehicle repairs
37990200*Recreational vehicles
379902*Recreational vehicles
501203*Recreational vehicles, motor homes, and trailers
50120300*Recreational vehicles, motor homes, and trailers
244903*Rectangular boxes and crates, wood
24490300*Rectangular boxes and crates, wood
36120314*Rectifier transformers
36290106*Rectifiers (electrical apparatus)
36790108*Rectifiers, electronic
50650307*Rectifiers, electronic
36740105*Rectifiers, solid state
35599937*Recycling machinery
50849914*Recycling machinery and equipment
49539905*Recycling, waste materials
28990205*Red oil (oleic acid)
38269913*Redox (oxidation reduction potential) instruments
13819903*Redrilling oil and gas wells
79910201*Reducing facility
35669903*Reduction gears and gear units for turbines, except auto
25190205*Reed furniture: padded or plain
24990703*Reed ware, except furniture
24990700*Reed, rattan, wicker, and willow ware, except furniture
249907*Reed, rattan, wicker, and willow ware, except furniture
39310120*Reedboards, organ
39310308*Reeds for musical instruments
35520211*Reeds, loom
39310121*Reeds, organ
26550404*Reels (fiber), textile: made from purchased material
34999919*Reels, cable: metal
38610402*Reels, film
39490208*Reels, fishing
24991205*Reels, plywood
83220607*Referral service for personal and social problems
20629906*Refined cane sugar, from purchased raw sugar or syrup
4613*Refined Petroleum Pipelines
461300*Refined petroleum pipelines
46130000*Refined petroleum pipelines
46139900*Refined petroleum pipelines, nec
461399*Refined petroleum pipelines, nec
333102*Refined primary copper products
33310200*Refined primary copper products
355904*Refinery, chemical processing, and similar machinery
35590400*Refinery, chemical processing, and similar machinery
22310207*Refinishing cloth of wool, mohair or similar fabric
22619902*Refinishing cotton broadwoven cloth, for the trade
22629902*Refinishing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
32310300*Reflecting glass
323103*Reflecting glass
50990304*Reflective road markers
38250225*Reflectometers, sliding shorts
32310302*Reflector glass beads, for highway signs or reflectors
32290707*Reflectors for lighting equipment, pressed or blown glass
36489906*Reflectors, for lighting equipment: metal
38279919*Reflectors, optical
38279920*Reflectors, searchlight
08510102*Reforestation services
92239908*Reformatory, government
86610126*Reformed Church
38260111*Refractometers, except industrial process type
38230416*Refractometers, industrial process type
50859910*Refractory material
17419906*Refractory or acid brick masonry
507802*Refrigerated beverage dispensers
50780200*Refrigerated beverage dispensers
50780100*Refrigerated display equipment
507801*Refrigerated display equipment
42139910*Refrigerated products transport
42220000*Refrigerated warehousing and storage
4222*Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage
422200*Refrigerated warehousing and storage
422299*Refrigerated warehousing and storage, nec
42229900*Refrigerated warehousing and storage, nec
3585*Refrigeration and Heating Equipment
358500*Refrigeration and heating equipment
35850000*Refrigeration and heating equipment
35859900*Refrigeration and heating equipment, nec
358599*Refrigeration and heating equipment, nec
17119901*Refrigeration contractor
38220105*Refrigeration controls (pressure)
50780000*Refrigeration equipment and supplies
5078*Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies
507800*Refrigeration equipment and supplies
507899*Refrigeration equipment and supplies, nec
50789900*Refrigeration equipment and supplies, nec
358502*Refrigeration equipment, complete
35850200*Refrigeration equipment, complete
76239902*Refrigeration repair service
76230000*Refrigeration service and repair
7623*Refrigeration Service and Repair
762300*Refrigeration service and repair
762399*Refrigeration service and repair, nec
76239900*Refrigeration service and repair, nec
38220303*Refrigeration thermostats
50789903*Refrigeration units, motor vehicles
38220106*Refrigeration/air-conditioning defrost controls
36329903*Refrigerator cabinets, household: metal and wood
76239903*Refrigerator repair service
50640105*Refrigerators and freezers
50780303*Refrigerators, commercial (reach-in and walk-in)
36329904*Refrigerators, mechanical and absorption: household
37289910*Refueling equipment for use in flight, airplane
83229902*Refugee service
49530200*Refuse collection and disposal services
495302*Refuse collection and disposal services
4953*Refuse Systems
495300*Refuse systems
49530000*Refuse systems
49539900*Refuse systems, nec
495399*Refuse systems, nec
60990103*Regional clearinghouse associations
83999907*Regional planning organization
34460503*Registers (air), metal
35780105*Registers, credit account
38240110*Registers, linear tallying
96419907*Regulation and inspection of agricultural products, govt.
96410000*Regulation of agricultural marketing
964100*Regulation of agricultural marketing
9641*Regulation of Agricultural Marketing
96410403*Regulation of agricultural marketing, County government
96410401*Regulation of agricultural marketing, Federal government
96410400*Regulation of agricultural marketing, level of government
964104*Regulation of agricultural marketing, level of government
96410404*Regulation of agricultural marketing, Local government
96419900*Regulation of agricultural marketing, nec
964199*Regulation of agricultural marketing, nec
96410402*Regulation of agricultural marketing, State government
962104*Regulation, administration of transporatation, level of government
962100*Regulation, administration of transportation
96210000*Regulation, administration of transportation
9621*Regulation, Administration of Transportation
96210403*Regulation, administration of transportation, County government
96210401*Regulation, administration of transportation, Federal government
96210400*Regulation, administration of transportation, level of government
96210404*Regulation, administration of transportation, Local government
96219900*Regulation, administration of transportation, nec
962199*Regulation, administration of transportation, nec
96210402*Regulation, administration of transportation, State government
96310000*Regulation, administration of utilities
9631*Regulation, Administration of Utilities
963100*Regulation, administration of utilities
96310403*Regulation, administration of utilities, County government
96310401*Regulation, administration of utilities, Federal government
96310400*Regulation, administration of utilities, level of government
963104*Regulation, administration of utilities, level of government
96310404*Regulation, administration of utilities, Local government
96319900*Regulation, administration of utilities, nec
963199*Regulation, administration of utilities, nec
96310402*Regulation, administration of utilities, State government
96510000*Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors
9651*Regulation, Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors
965100*Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors
96510403*Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, County government
96510401*Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, Federal government
96510400*Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, level of government
96510404*Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, Local government
96519900*Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, nec
965199*Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, nec
96510402*Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, State government
965104*Regulation, miscellaneous commerical sectors, level of government
34919906*Regulators (steam fittings)
36130210*Regulators, power
861103*Regulatory associations
86110300*Regulatory associations
80939903*Rehabilitation center, outpatient treatment
83619904*Rehabilitation center, residential: health care incidental
83220400*Rehabilitation services
832204*Rehabilitation services
50510103*Reinforcement mesh, wire
30890314*Reinforcing mesh, plastics
63219905*Reinsurance carriers, accident and health
3625*Relays and Industrial Controls
362500*Relays and industrial controls
36250000*Relays and industrial controls
36259900*Relays and industrial controls, nec
362599*Relays and industrial controls, nec
36250204*Relays, electric power
36250205*Relays, for electronic use
15420405*Religious building construction
59999919*Religious goods
86610203*Religious instruction
82310103*Religious library
59619919*Religious merchandise, mail order
78120109*Religious motion picture production
86610000*Religious organizations
8661*Religious Organizations
866100*Religious organizations
82999913*Religious school
50499905*Religious supplies
67329903*Religious trust management
20350207*Relishes, fruit and vegetable
20350208*Relishes, vinegar
73899944*Relocation service
61419904*Remedial loan societies
15220201*Remodeling, multi-family dwellings
73759903*Remote data base information retrieval
13899916*Removal of condensate gasoline from field (gathering) lines
07839902*Removal services, bush and tree
28510400*Removers and cleaners
285104*Removers and cleaners
76991810*Reneedling work
17999943*Renovation of aircraft interiors
15220202*Renovation, hotel/motel
15419909*Renovation, remodeling and repairs: industrial buildings
96519906*Rent control agency, government
75149902*Rent-a-car service
65310401*Rental agent, real estate
72999909*Rental of personal items, except for recreation and medical
47410000*Rental of railroad cars
4741*Rental of Railroad Cars
474100*Rental of railroad cars
474199*Rental of railroad cars, nec
47419900*Rental of railroad cars, nec
73599906*Rental store, general
22110514*Rep, cotton
7699*Repair Services, Nec
769900*Repair services, nec
76990000*Repair services, nec
76999900*Repair services, nec, nec
769999*Repair services, nec, nec
82439902*Repair training, computer
15210104*Repairing fire damage, single-family houses
79220305*Repertory, road or stock companies: theatrical
76991205*Replating shop, except silverware
64119910*Reporting services, insurance
73891310*Repossession service
60999908*Representative foreign bank offices, ex. agents and branches
38610500*Reproduction machines and equipment
386105*Reproduction machines and equipment
781902*Reproduction services, motion picture production
78190200*Reproduction services, motion picture production
29929902*Re-refining lubricating oils and greases, nec
24219909*Resawing lumber into smaller dimensions
37219902*Research and development on aircraft by the manufacturer
37249912*Research and development on aircraft engines and parts
87339902*Research institute
87320108*Research services, except laboratory
64119911*Research services, insurance
73890500*Reservation services
738905*Reservation services
70419901*Residence club, organization
65149901*Residential building, four or fewer units: operation
83610000*Residential care
8361*Residential Care
836100*Residential care
836101*Residential care for children
83610100*Residential care for children
83610300*Residential care for the handicapped
836103*Residential care for the handicapped
836199*Residential care, nec
83619900*Residential care, nec
1522*Residential Construction, Nec
152200*Residential construction, nec
15220000*Residential construction, nec
88110100*Residential farms
65139902*Residential hotel operation
36450000*Residential lighting fixtures
3645*Residential Lighting Fixtures
364500*Residential lighting fixtures
364599*Residential lighting fixtures, nec
36459900*Residential lighting fixtures, nec
172101*Residential painting
17210100*Residential painting
17210402*Residential wallcovering contractor
50230403*Resilient floor coverings: tile or sheet
17529906*Resilient floor laying
22950201*Resin or plastic coated fabrics
26719904*Resinous impregnated paper for packaging
51620102*Resins, synthetic
51690802*Resins, synthetic rubber
38250323*Resistance measuring equipment
38230102*Resistance thermometers and bulbs, industrial process type
36259914*Resistance welder controls
35480105*Resistance welders, electric
36769901*Resistor networks
36259915*Resistors and resistor units
50650308*Resistors, electronic
36799910*Resonant reed devices, electronic
70110303*Resort hotel
70110304*Resort hotel, franchised
38450118*Respiratory analysis equipment, electromedical
80930200*Respiratory health clinic
809302*Respiratory health clinic
80690300*Respiratory hospital
806903*Respiratory hospital
38420112*Respiratory protection equipment, personal
80930201*Respiratory therapy clinic
80599906*Rest home, with health care
83610403*Rest home, with health care incidental
72990702*Rest room operation
87420407*Restaurant and food services consultants
15420104*Restaurant construction
50460306*Restaurant equipment and supplies, nec
76992210*Restaurant equipment repair
50210108*Restaurant furniture, nec
25990205*Restaurant furniture, wood or metal
87419905*Restaurant management
82499905*Restaurant operation school
73890503*Restaurant reservation service
34449908*Restaurant sheet metalwork
50879908*Restaurant supplies
58120501*Restaurant, family: chain
58120502*Restaurant, family: independent
58120405*Restaurant, lunch counter
38290309*Restitution apparatus, photogrammetrical
38429917*Restraints, patient
73380102*Resume writing service
16110205*Resurfacing contractor
72120102*Retail agent, laundry and drycleaning
54610000*Retail bakeries
5461*Retail Bakeries
546100*Retail bakeries
546199*Retail bakeries, nec
54619900*Retail bakeries, nec
52610300*Retail nurseries
526103*Retail nurseries
5261*Retail Nurseries and Garden Stores
526100*Retail nurseries and garden stores
52610000*Retail nurseries and garden stores
87420408*Retail trade consultant
17410102*Retaining wall construction
83610304*Retarded home
34790218*Retinning of cans or utensils
38450119*Retinoscopes, electromedical
65139903*Retirement hotel operation
32979906*Retorts, graphite
34430405*Retorts, industrial: smelting, etc.
30110301*Retreading materials, tire
30839903*Retroflective sheeting, plastics
76410000*Reupholstery and furniture repair
7641*Reupholstery and Furniture Repair
764100*Reupholstery and furniture repair
34849906*Revolvers or revolver parts, 30 mm. and below
72190204*Reweaving textiles (mending service)
22829902*Rewinding of yarn
769401*Rewinding services
76940100*Rewinding services
76940102*Rewinding stators
13819904*Reworking oil and gas wells
33399912*Rhenium refining (primary)
36790109*Rheostats, for electronic end products
80110520*Rheumatology specialist, physician/surgeon
10990201*Rhodium ore mining
10610204*Rhodochrosite mining
01820104*Rhubarb, grown under cover
48320108*Rhythm and blues
22210700*Ribbed broadwoven fabrics
222107*Ribbed broadwoven fabrics
26559903*Ribbon blocks, fiber: made from purchased material
22979902*Ribbon, nonwoven (yarn bonded by plastic)
23960204*Ribbons and bows, cut and sewed
39559901*Ribbons, inked: typewriter, adding machine, register, etc.
22410106*Ribbons, nec
20529912*Rice cakes
20969904*Rice chips
07230208*Rice drying services
20440000*Rice milling
2044*Rice Milling
204400*Rice milling
204499*Rice milling, nec
20449900*Rice milling, nec
20460107*Rice starch
07220103*Rice, machine harvesting services
51490402*Rice, polished
20990804*Rice, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients
51530104*Rice, unpolished
20439911*Rice: prepared as cereal breakfast food
20240306*Rice-based desserts, frozen
22410107*Rickrack braid
79991201*Riding academy and school
79991200*Riding and rodeo services
799912*Riding and rodeo services
56990303*Riding apparel
23290103*Riding clothes: men's, youths', and boys'
79979908*Riding club, membership
31990104*Riding crops
23390306*Riding habits: women's, misses', and juniors'
79991202*Riding stable
28999941*Rifle bore cleaning compounds
34849907*Rifles or rifle parts, 30 mm. and below
38410301*Rifles, for propelling hypodermics into animals
34890105*Rifles, recoiless
39440403*Rifles, toy: except air
179904*Rigging and scaffolding
17990400*Rigging and scaffolding
17990401*Rigging, theatrical
34699914*Rigidizing metal
39610106*Rings, finger: gold plated wire
39110108*Rings, finger: precious metal
14299910*Riprap quarrying
44499903*River transportation, except on the St. Lawrence Seaway
35429916*Riveting machines
34529905*Rivets, metal
35319908*Road construction and maintenance machinery
50820102*Road construction and maintenance machinery
50820100*Road construction equipment
508201*Road construction equipment
29110505*Road materials, bituminous
29510206*Road materials, bituminous (not from refineries)
37110407*Road oilers (motor vehicles), assembly of
29110506*Road oils
75499904*Road service, automotive
49590100*Road, airport, and parking lot maintenance services
495901*Road, airport, and parking lot maintenance services
20130106*Roast beef, from purchased meat
20660103*Roasted cacao beans
20950000*Roasted coffee
2095*Roasted Coffee
209500*Roasted coffee
209599*Roasted coffee, nec
20959900*Roasted coffee, nec
36340115*Roasters, electric
02519905*Roasting chickens, raising of
35560303*Roasting machinery: coffee, peanut, etc.
2384*Robes and Dressing Gowns
238400*Robes and dressing gowns
23840000*Robes and dressing gowns
23849900*Robes and dressing gowns, nec
238499*Robes and dressing gowns, nec
51360202*Robes, men's and boys'
35359904*Robotic conveyors
35419913*Robots for drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.
35630202*Robots for industrial spraying, painting, etc.
35429917*Robots for metal forming: pressing, extruding, etc.
35699914*Robots, assembly line: industrial and commercial
50849911*Robots, industrial
35599925*Robots, molding and forming plastics
50999910*Robots, service or novelty
59999920*Rock and stone specimens
35310706*Rock crushing machinery, portable
35320305*Rock crushing machinery, stationary
16290403*Rock removal
14790302*Rock salt mining
25119906*Rockers, except upholstered: wood
25120104*Rockers: upholstered on wood frames
28690401*Rocket engine fuel, organic
34899904*Rocket launchers
37249913*Rocket motors, aircraft
37649904*Rocket motors, guided missiles
34439912*Rocket transportation casings
34839912*Rockets (ammunition)
37619904*Rockets, space and military, complete
39449913*Rocking horses
32690105*Rockingham earthenware
35470208*Rod mills (rolling mill equipment)
79991203*Rodeo animal rental
79991204*Rodeo operation
39490209*Rods and rod parts, fishing
33540103*Rods, extruded, aluminum
30691007*Rods, hard rubber
33120504*Rods, iron and steel: made in steel mills
50519907*Rods, metal
33550202*Rods, rolled, aluminum
30829901*Rods, unsupported plastics
50510104*Rods, wire (not insulated)
30691302*Roll coverings, rubber
20480110*Rolled oats, prepared as animal feed
33519906*Rolled or drawn shapes, nec, copper and copper alloy
35629903*Roller bearings and parts
31110702*Roller leather
22610102*Roller printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics
22620105*Roller printing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
79990603*Roller skating rink operation
35249905*Rollers, lawn
35310508*Rollers, road: steam or other power
35310509*Rollers, sheepsfoot and vibratory
24991206*Rollers, wood
34420404*Rolling doors for industrial buildings or warehouses, metal
3547*Rolling Mill Machinery
354700*Rolling mill machinery
35470000*Rolling mill machinery
35479900*Rolling mill machinery, nec
354799*Rolling mill machinery, nec
33219907*Rolling mill rolls, cast iron
33259904*Rolling mill rolls, cast steel
24990906*Rolling pins, wood
20510106*Rolls, bread type: fresh or frozen
30691303*Rolls, solid or covered rubber
20510210*Rolls, sweet: except frozen
20539908*Rolls, sweet: frozen
01610410*Romaine farm
23699906*Rompers: infants'
32719914*Roof ballast block, concrete
29520102*Roof cement: asphalt, fibrous, or plastic
34440304*Roof deck, sheet metal
17610102*Roof repair
17610100*Roofing and gutter work
176101*Roofing and gutter work
503301*Roofing and siding materials
50330100*Roofing and siding materials
24930403*Roofing board, unsaturated
17610103*Roofing contractor
35319909*Roofing equipment
26210911*Roofing felt stock
29520103*Roofing felts, cements, or coatings, nec
32959903*Roofing granules
52119909*Roofing material
29520100*Roofing materials
295201*Roofing materials
32969903*Roofing mats, mineral wool
29520104*Roofing pitch (not from refineries or coke ovens)
32720312*Roofing tile and slabs, concrete
32590303*Roofing tile, clay
32920202*Roofing, asbestos felt roll
50330103*Roofing, asphalt and sheet metal
30699915*Roofing, membrane rubber
5033*Roofing, Siding, and Insulation
503300*Roofing, siding, and insulation
50330000*Roofing, siding, and insulation
1761*Roofing, Siding, and Sheetmetal Work
176100*Roofing, siding, and sheetmetal work
17610000*Roofing, siding, and sheetmetal work
17619900*Roofing, siding, and sheetmetal work, nec
176199*Roofing, siding, and sheetmetal work, nec
24930404*Roofing, wood fiber
34330200*Room and wall heaters, including radiators
343302*Room and wall heaters, including radiators
35850103*Room coolers, portable
34330203*Room heaters, except electric
34330204*Room heaters, gas
7021*Rooming and Boarding Houses
702100*Rooming and boarding houses
70210000*Rooming and boarding houses
70219900*Rooming and boarding houses, nec
702199*Rooming and boarding houses, nec
704102*Rooming houses
70410200*Rooming houses
20460108*Root starch, edible
01610300*Rooted vegetable farms
016103*Rooted vegetable farms
35520112*Rope and cordage machines
26219903*Rope or jute paper
32920603*Rope, asbestos
508507*Rope, cord, and thread
50850700*Rope, cord, and thread
22980103*Rope, except asbestos and wire
50850703*Rope, except wire rope
50510105*Rope, wire (not insulated)
22980100*Ropes and fiber cables
229801*Ropes and fiber cables
39619903*Rosaries and small religious articles, except precious metal
39110109*Rosaries or other small religious articles, precious metal
10949904*Roscoelite (vanadium hydromica) mining
01810204*Roses, growing of
28990505*Rosin sizes
36210111*Rotary converters (electrical equipment)
27540102*Rotary photogravure printing
35490302*Rotary slitters (metalworking machines)
35450324*Rotary tables
38240111*Rotary type meters
28790109*Rotenone concentrates and preparations
37280210*Roto-blades for helicopters
26210407*Rotogravure paper
27540103*Rotogravure printing
36210112*Rotor retainers or housings
36210113*Rotors, for motors
35240104*Rototillers (garden machinery)
32910506*Rouge, polishing: abrasive
24260106*Rounds or rungs, furniture: hardwood
24269905*Rounds or rungs, ladder: hardwood
13899917*Roustabout service
22990506*Roves, flax and jute
35520113*Roving machines, textile
79991409*Rowboat and canoe rental
37320208*Rowboats, building and repairing
39490303*Rowing machines
62890102*Royalty owners protective associations
224102*Rubber and elastic yarns and fabrics
22410200*Rubber and elastic yarns and fabrics
30*Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products
3021*Rubber and Plastics Footwear
302100*Rubber and plastics footwear
30210000*Rubber and plastics footwear
30520000*Rubber and plastics hose and beltings
3052*Rubber and Plastics Hose and Beltings
305200*Rubber and plastics hose and beltings
306914*Rubber automotive products
30691400*Rubber automotive products
30690902*Rubber bands
30520300*Rubber belting
305203*Rubber belting
28910208*Rubber cement
14559905*Rubber clay mining
30690300*Rubber coated fabrics and clothing
306903*Rubber coated fabrics and clothing
30691402*Rubber covered motor mounting rings (rubber bonded)
35679912*Rubber curing ovens
306902*Rubber floorcoverings/mats and wallcoverings
30690200*Rubber floorcoverings/mats and wallcoverings
50859911*Rubber goods, mechanical
30691100*Rubber hair accessories
306911*Rubber hair accessories
306915*Rubber hardware
30691500*Rubber hardware
30520100*Rubber hose
305201*Rubber hose
08319902*Rubber plantations
76999907*Rubber product repair
30691300*Rubber rolls and roll coverings
306913*Rubber rolls and roll coverings
50939907*Rubber scrap
306912*Rubber smoking accessories
30691200*Rubber smoking accessories
50999911*Rubber stamps
59999921*Rubber stamps
30691600*Rubber tape
306916*Rubber tape
22410203*Rubber thread and yarns, fabric covered
355907*Rubber working machinery, including tires
35590700*Rubber working machinery, including tires
51990903*Rubber, crude
30690310*Rubberized fabrics
14990405*Rubbing stone quarrying
32910703*Rubbing stones, artificial
49530203*Rubbish collection and disposal
14119907*Rubble mining
14990107*Ruby mining
37280113*Rudders, aircraft
23950306*Ruffling: for the trade
30690607*Rug backing compounds, latex
73890408*Rug binding
35829905*Rug cleaning, drying, or napping machines: commercial
76991811*Rug repair shop, not combined with cleaning
22810402*Rug yarn, spun
22820402*Rug yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling
28420301*Rug, upholstery, or dry cleaning detergents or spotters
22999910*Rugbacking, jute or other fiber
22730502*Rugs, braided and hooked
22730500*Rugs, hand and machine made
227305*Rugs, hand and machine made
22730503*Rugs, machine woven
22730504*Rugs, tufted
22730505*Rugs: twisted paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, etc.
24990601*Rulers and rules, wood
24990600*Rulers and yardsticks, wood
249906*Rulers and yardsticks, wood
34239922*Rules or rulers, metal
35550306*Rules, printers'
20859905*Rum (alcoholic beverage)
13899918*Running, cutting, and pulling casings, tubes and rods
61119905*Rural Electrification Administration
95320103*Rural planning and development agency, government
20529913*Rusk, machine made
29920103*Rust arresting compounds, animal or vegetable oil base
34790219*Rust proofing (hot dipping) of metals and formed products
28420107*Rust removers
28999942*Rust resisting compounds
51691005*Rustproofing chemicals
10990202*Ruthenium ore mining
10990501*Rutile mining
01190403*Rye farm
20410110*Rye flour
20839904*Rye malt
20859906*Rye whiskey
20439912*Rye: prepared as cereal breakfast food