• Accuracy

  • What percent of the pieces I mail should I expect to be delivered?

    If you send your mail campaign out within 30 days of the time your order is placed, you should expect the following delivery rates:

    • Consumer Lists: 94% or better (typically closer to 99%)
    • Business Lists: 90% or better
    • Occupant Lists: 99% or better
    • New Homeowner Lists: 94% or better
    • New Mover Lists: 94% or better
  • What percent phone accuracy should I expect?

    If you call prospects within 30 days of the time your order is placed, you should expect the following phone accuracy rates:

    • Consumer Lists: 90% or better
    • Business Lists: 85% or better
  • What is your return policy? What if I get back a higher than expected amount of mail?

    Orders may be cancelled within five business days with a cancellation fee of $5 per 1,000 names with a $25 minimum. Orders may not be cancelled after five business days.

    Hold onto all returned mail pieces. Provided that your mailing consists of at least 500 pieces and is mailed out within 30 days of your order, USADATA will refund you for the price of the name and half the postage for each returned piece above the guaranteed delivery rate. We may ask you to ship us the returned pieces (at our expense) prior to a credit being issued.

  • Available Leads / Ordering / Pricing

  • I can't find the leads I'm looking for online. What should I do?

    Please contact a Data Scientist at 800.395.7707 or at info@usadata.com. Our Data Scientists work with businesses of all sizes across all industries and will be able to recommend a targeted solution for you.

  • Where do you get the data from?

    USADATA works with leading national compilers of consumer and business data including Experian, Acxiom, Infogroup and several others. Which source we use depends on the nature of the client's goal. Our goal is to help our clients succeed so we use the best fitting source based on the client's business objective.

  • What is the difference between single use versus multiple use?

    A one-time use of the list means you may only use the list one time. With unlimited use, you may use the list as many times as you want for one year. After one year, you may continue marketing to anyone who responded to your campaign or who became a client of yours. Those individuals however who never responded to your campaign you may no longer contact. In order to contact those individuals after one year, you would need to re-order the list. We recommend you do this anyway because over the course of the year, the list will change; names currently on your list may have moved, while others may have asked not to be contacted. Fresh leads will furthermore become available. To maximize the deliverability of your campaign, it's important that you use the freshest available list.

    Please note with Occupant Lists, you may only order for a one-time use or two-time use of the list.

  • What is the difference between a Consumer List and an Occupant List?

    A Consumer List allows you to use demographic and psychographic filters to reach your best prospects, and is addressed to a specific individual within the household. Also on a Consumer List, individuals who appear on the Direct Marketing Association’s Do Not Contact List are excluded. An Occupant List (also known as Saturation List) is addressed to the 'Current Resident' and is appropriate when you want to reach or saturate every household within a geographic area, without the use of demographic filters. No records from an area are removed from an Occupant List.

  • When do I get my list? In what format will my list arrive?

    Lists are delivered within 24 hours, typically within 30 minutes during normal business hours (9am-5pm EST). After completing your order online you will first receive an order confirmation email with your order ID. This is your receipt. Shortly after you will receive a second email, the order fulfillment email, which will contain the links to download your list. Customers with an SL360 account may also retrieve their order from the Order History table within their account. Lists are delivered in two formats:

    • Comma-delimited Text file
    • Excel spreadsheet

    If you need your list delivered in any other format, please call our Client Service team at 800.395.7707 or at order@usadata.com.

    Orders from first time clients or including sensitive data elements may be put on hold until our Client Service staff verifies the order and/or collects a sample mail piece. USADATA takes Consumer Privacy seriously and follows the guidelines set forth by the Direct Marketing Association.

  • Can I create mailing labels?

    Please click the link below for step-by-step instructions on creating a label-ready file from the list we delivered. We recommend that you download your list first into Excel format.

    Instructions for Creating Mailing Labels

  • Do you offer email lists?

    Yes and no.

    1. We offer business email lists.
    2. We do not offer consumer email lists. We do however offer full service email marketing if you wish to reach brand new consumer prospects.
    3. We offer an email append service that can add consumer or business email addresses to your customer database.
    4. If you have any questions or requests, you may contact a Data Scientist at 800.395.7707 or at info@usadata.com for assistance.

  • Pricing

  • How much does a list cost? What is the minimum order?

    The price of the list depends on the type of list chosen, the filters you’ve chosen in building your list, the quantity of prospects that you desire, and where you place your order. Built-in discounts and lower minimum orders are available with an SL360 account.

    Database/List Type Online Minimum Order Per Record Price
    Consumer $95.00 Starts at $.025/record
    Business $95.00 Starts at $.080/record
    Saturation/Occupant $95.00 Starts at $.010/record
    New Homeowner $95.00 Starts at $.065/record
    New Mover $95.00 Starts at $.060/record

    Orders placed over the phone with a Data Scientist have a $200 minimum.

  • Privacy

  • How do I remove my name from your list?

    If you wish to no longer receive unsolicited mail and email from all businesses, you may register for the Direct Marketing Association's DMAchoice service to control the types of mail you receive and to register for various Do Not Contact lists. Each month our data partners scrub their database against this file to make sure they abide by the individual consumer's preferences.

  • Are your leads scrubbed against the Do Not Call list?

    Each month our leads are scrubbed against the FTC and State Attorney General Do Not Call lists. At the time of purchase, all consumer leads with phone numbers are privacy-compliant. Over time, people may add themselves to the Do Not Call list and it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to remove these names before calling. To learn who has added himself or herself to the Do Not Call list, you should register with FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry.

  • Are your leads privacy-compliant? What steps does USADATA take to protect the privacy of the Consumer?

    USADATA takes the privacy of the consumer very seriously. Each of our data partners processes their files monthly through hygiene processes including but not limited to:

    • NCOA (National Change of Address)
    • Direct Marketing Association's Do Not Mail file scrubbing
    • FTC & State Attorney General Do Not Call file scrubbing
    • Deceased scrubbing
    • Prison scrubbing

    These processes help ensure the privacy of the consumer and save clients money in making sure only qualified prospects are contacted.

  • What are my responsibilities as a marketer?

    As a USADATA client, you are bound by the terms of the Data Use Agreement. You should use lists in an ethical manner and should someone ask you to remove their name from your list/database, you must abide by their wishes and refrain from contacting them. For more information about best practices and your responsibilities as a marketer, please visit the DMA's Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice.


If you need help, contact an Data Scientist for expert assistance.

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