A Large Financial Services Firm Generates $5 per $1 Spent

March 13, 2019


USADATA is a leader in providing integrated campaigns for financial services organizations. Working through FMO’s or directly with carriers and agencies, we execute multi-channel campaigns that are based on targeted audience selection and delivering media to these audiences based on their preferences. Our Direct Mail, Email, Display, and Social Media Campaigns target the same individuals across each of these mediums.


The agency of a large regional financial services institution approached USADATA to develop a multi-channel campaign to a targeted audience to generate high quality leads for its fixed rate investment product.


USADATA created four unique audience segments to determine which audience was most likely to convert. Each audience received a direct mail piece, 3 emails, and approximately 10 digital impressions (social, desktop display, and mobile display) over a months’ time.


Data-driven lists and targeted creative elements proved to be a winning combination. The campaign drove in new customers which generated over 100 new sales which was a return on investment of $5 per $1 spent on the campaign.

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